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Ahead of elections, Congress leader Farsubhai Goklani switches sides to join BJP in Gujarat

In a surprising turn of events, Gujarat Congress leader Farsubhai Goklani and his supporters joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Patan, Gujarat. The ceremony was attended by state BJP chief C.R. Patil on Friday, where Patil expressed confidence in a BJP victory in the upcoming elections.

During the event, Patil highlighted the strong participation of party workers and shared the party’s strategy for securing a decisive win. He emphasized the BJP’s organizational strength and grassroots mobilization efforts, setting the stage for a successful campaign.

Bharatsinh Dabhi, a Lok Sabha candidate for the BJP, praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership and the government’s fulfillment of promises outlined in the election manifesto. Dabhi also lauded the BJP government’s positive impact on the national economy, showcasing their commitment to economic development.

The switch of Farsubhai Goklani and his supporters to the BJP marks a significant development in the political landscape of Gujarat. With the state BJP chief and other party leaders expressing confidence in a victorious outcome, all eyes will be on the upcoming elections to see how this move will impact the political scenario in the region.


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