AI Controversy: Can Indian Workers Cope Up With Skyrocketed AI Innovation or Fail Miserably?

As per 74 percent of Indian workers, artificial intelligence (AI) can potentially replace their jobs. However, as per the data, around 83 percent of workers stated that they can lessen their workloads by assigning more work to AI, as it’s possible. This data is released as per Microsoft Work Trend Index 2023.

The title of the report is, “‘Will AI Fix Work?”, Called the latest AI-employee alliance. In the coming times, 75 percent of Indian workers will develop comfort with using AI in various fields. They will use AI not just for administrative tasks but also for analytical work. This job also offers various creative aspects.

Creative workers from all over India, show familiarity with AI, which indicates that the individual will soon accept the creative aspects of using Artificial Intelligence in their job. Simultaneously according to Indian Managers, artificial intelligence rules out in the workplace as it boosts development, output, and productivity. This is more likely 1.6 times to cut the headcount.

Furthermore, the report highlighted that every worker, employee, and expert would need aptitude in artificial intelligence and prompt engineering which includes new core competencies. The data released shows that the speed of work has skyrocketed that human creativity can keep up, and it impacts innovation. The volume of chats, emails, and data has stood out for humanity’s ability to process.

Approximately, 76 percent of Indian employees do not possess immense energy and time to fulfill their work fully. Moreover, 3.1x more people also struggle and try to keep up with being innovative. With the introduction of Microsoft 365, an average individual spends more than 50 percent of their time communicating and a bit less than 50 percent, creating. However, 78 out of 100 workers agreed that, during the workday, they totally lack uninterrupted focus.

Subhashree Panda

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