Akansha Ranjan Kapoor celebrates Puthandu in her latest Instagram post

Actress Akansha Ranjan Kapoor celebrated the Tamil New Year, Puthandu, on Sunday by sharing a video on Instagram. The video showcases her in a traditional South Indian attire, expressing her wishes for the new year.

In the video, Akansha is seen wearing a striped saree with her hair tied in a bun, exuding elegance and grace. She shared her experience of feeling beautiful in the South Indian attire, without any makeup or elaborate hair styling.

Reflecting on the South Indian culture, Akansha shared, “The women there are so raw and real, which made me feel so pretty.” She extended her love and wishes to everyone celebrating Puthandu, hoping for joy and happiness in the new year.

Akansha is currently preparing for her role in the upcoming sci-fi action thriller film ‘Maaya One’ alongside Sundeep Kishan. The actress has been a part of projects like ‘Guilty’, ‘Ray’, and ‘Monica, Oh My Darling’. Stay tuned for more updates on her work in the entertainment industry.


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