Alaska Plane Crash: 6 dead in tourist plane crash in Alaska

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Alaska Plane Crash: A tourist plane carrying tourists crashed in southeast Alaska on Thursday, killing all six people on board. The US Coast Guard gave this information.

The Coast Guard and the Federal Aviation Administration said the plane’s emergency light was activated at around 11.20 p.m. when the plane crashed in the area of ​​Misty Jodders National Monument near Ketchikan of Alaska. Two rescuers were airlifted to the crash site after the Coast Guard found the wreckage of the plane, who said there were no survivors in the accident.

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The identities of those killed in the plane crash have not been made public yet. The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board will investigate the accident. Earlier in 2019, two tourist planes collided in the air and 6 of the 16 people on board the two planes were died.

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