Alia Bhatt’s Ed-a-Mamma Made Affordable Sustainable Fashion Claims Company’s Biz Head

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Ed-a-Mamma: Urban trash is overflowing landfills to the point where India may require a dump the length of New Delhi by the year 2050. Even while customers are prepared to make more environmentally friendly decisions and there is a change is defined as ecological sustainability, the cost has emerged as a significant barrier.

According to a recent analysis by Kantar India, “human willingness to be sustainability has not faded” despite inflation. The rising cost of living serves as a reminder that green things must be reasonably priced for environmentalism to become a cultural norm. Brands that provide reasonably priced sustainable choices will be favoured.

The sustainable clothing line Ed-a-mamma, owned by actress and businesswoman Alia Bhatt, has succeeded in lowering the cost of its products. Prices for Ed-a-Mamma clothing range from $399 to $1,899. If more companies reduce their costs and put more emphasis on helping their customers, environmentalism may be more widely adopted in the nation, according to Iffat Jivan, the productivity and customer service of Ed-a-Mamma.

Why does Eco-Friendly Clothing Cost More Money?

Sustainable clothing is created from difficult-to-find organic fibers that are devoid of chemicals and synthetic fertilizers and do no harm to the environment. Because they pass the costs on to the buyer, sustainable clothing is typically more expensive.

All of the organic fibers used by Mamma are imported from India, which now has allowed the company to keep its clothing prices competitive with those of fast-fashion items. All of the organic fibers used by Ed-a-Mamma are imported from India, which has allowed the company to keep its clothing prices competitive with those of fast-fashion items.

Achieving a price pricing structure is difficult for a sustainable business to do when it performs on a smaller scale. Jivan, though, is confident that when businesses take this matter out of their own hands, the market will transform.

Alia Bhatt’s Idea

One of the first companies in the sustainable childrenswear market, Alia Bhatt’s Ed-a-Mamma was established in October 2020, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This quarter, “Ed-a-Mamma” established its offline presence by opening 16 retail locations throughout India’s major cities, including Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai. The company is now concentrating on extending its product categories.

At this time, “Ed-a-Mamma” is worth 200 crores. According to Jivan, the socially responsible market in India is now estimated to be worth about $24 billion, but she thinks that this just represents a small portion of the sector’s potential. The sector will only expand and improve as more Indians choose sustainable clothing in the decades to come, she noted.

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