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Alien-Politics: The Secret of Alien Deepening

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There is a different kind of curiosity among us all about Alien. Many people believe that there are aliens, then some say these kinds of things to be just a fantasy. Man has been searching for an alien for a long time. Sometimes the help of binoculars is taken to search for him, sometimes he is sent by spacecraft and searched. Radio waves are also being sent from the earth for a long time, so that if there is a human settlement in space, then he will listen to them and respond to them. But till now the alien has not responded to any human message.

It has been almost a hundred years since we have been spreading the message of our presence in the universe. The radio waves generated during this period would have traveled billions of miles by now. However, the response to the alien is yet to come. But why? There can be many reasons for this. It may be that the aliens do not exist in the universe as we are thinking. Or be so far away that radio messages emanating from the earth have not reached them yet. Or the life in any other corner of the universe has not yet risen beyond the status of germs.

Astronomers have detected first-time radio emissions from an exoplanet

According to Seth Shostak, a scientist associated with the search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI), an organization looking for aliens in space, we have seen many forms of alien in the movies. Therefore, a special picture of him has become in our mind. Sety has been searching for aliens in space for the last fifty years. But so far no success has been achieved. Shostak advises that we should think about our future instead of looking for aliens elsewhere in the universe. According to him, humans today are busy making machines with artificial minds.

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In such a situation, even if there were aliens somewhere in the universe, they would have surpassed humans in terms of progress. In such a situation, it may also be that the creatures of some other planet have developed artificial intelligence or that such machines have finally finished their makers. Today, one thing is being taken from robot to one. They have surpassed humans many times in terms of intelligence.

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It is also possible that the robots may get out of human control later. Former astronaut and writer Stuart Clarke says that if these artificial-minded machines become so fast that humans refuse to obey, then it is quite possible that they will try to establish their rule in the future. Humans have done many such fantasies. However, Stuart Clarke says that with such thinking we tie our search for alien to one realm.

Israel’s big scientist Haim Eshed claims! Aliens are present on Mars, Trump also knows this truth

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Alien Detection Organization – SETI tries to listen to Alien’s messages in space with the help of some radio telescopes, especially in places where spacecraft have predicted a new planet. Water and wind are expected to occur on these planets. The fact is that the machine alien does not need water and air to live. Shostak believes that these machines can occur anywhere in the Alien universe.

They will need energy on a large scale. Therefore, we should look into those corners of space where there is a possibility of large sources of energy. For this, SETI should send its telescopes to space with space ships instead of putting them on Earth. Another way to find an alien could be to send radio messages from Earth to a particular planet or a particular corner of the universe. However Stephen Hawking opposed this, as he feared that this would increase the threat to the Earth, as it could be that we might have powerful creatures somewhere in the universe and they were not yet aware of us. But as soon as we get the radio message, they come looking for us. In such a situation, the future of humanity may be in danger.

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Various things are talked about Alien. It is believed that governments have a lot of information about aliens, but are hidden from the people. Some scientists and writers claim that aliens are working among humans on Earth. Stanton Freedman was a nuclear scientist who died in May 2019. He investigated the US-famous Roswell UFO crash.

They maintained that the aliens are among us. He said that there is a lot of evidence that the aliens have visited the earth and they are living with the people. Area-51 is said to have been hidden by the US government. Not much is known about its reality. But at first the US government has been denying the existence of Area-51, then later accepted it. Some say that the flying saucer was tested there.

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Edward Snowden has been making sensational claims about America. Snowden is said to have stolen confidential information when he worked at the CIA. It later claimed to have exposed these information. These information indicate that America receives instructions from aliens named Tall White. It is the same species of alien that claims to have given the Nazis power before the First World War.

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It is claimed that after the first world war, these aliens started to control America. The US Department of Agriculture has shared some information that suggests aliens may be present in Arizona’s Tonato National Forest. It was also claimed to have seen their secret hideouts and activities. At the same time, things came to the fore to see the flying flight there.

A shocking disclosure was made by Russian political Kirsan Ilyuzhinov. He said that on September 18, 1997, Alien came to visit him at his apartment. He was then abducted by Alien. This story is considered credible for two reasons. For one, Ilyuzhinov’s driver, minister and assistant confirmed that he had mysteriously disappeared.

The second reason is that the Russian government also believes so. In fact, the Russian government is concerned that if they have shared confidential information with the aliens, then Russia may be at risk. Former Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has said many times about the presence of Alien. Once, it was out of their mouth that the alien lives among humans and works with them. Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Heller claimed that aliens continue to come to Earth. According to him, his activity has increased over the years. Actually, they are very concerned about the nuclear weapons race on earth.

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