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All About late singer Marilia Mendonca and the recent controversy about the Leak of Her Autopsy Pictures

The controversy encircling the leak of Marilia Mendonca’s autopsy pictures has been provoking a stir on social media. Following the release of graphic images of the late singer’s autopsy at IML online, her family has released a statement. The incident has flared a debate on social media, with many examining the possibilities encircling the leak.

Nevertheless, for those unaware of her, let’s take a juncture to familiarize Marilia Mendonca.

About Marilia Mendonca

Marilia Dias Mendonca was a popular Brazilian singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, born on July 22, 1995, and passed away on November 5, 2021. Marilia was the daughter of Mario Mendonca and Ruth Dias. She earned stardom as the ‘queen of sofrência’, a subgenre of sertanejo music, and became known posthumously for her grants to female empowerment and outstanding work in the sertanejo music industry.

How did she die?

On November 5, 2021, Marilia Mendonca passed away in a tragic airplane crash while en route to a local concert in Caratinga, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Her death was authorized during live coverage by TV Globo. At the time of her demise, she was just 26.

Marilia Mendonca Autopsy Pics Leak Controversy

Several photographs of Marilia Mendonca’s autopsy were revealed online on April 13, 2023, causing unrest on social media. The autopsy was performed at the Legal Medical Institute (IML), and the leaking of such pictures is deemed a breach of the Penal Code. The family of the deceased singer released an assertion conveying their shock and sadness at the violation of privacy.

The note officially released by the late singer’s family reads, “We are all shocked just to imagine the possibility of something of this nature existing, and of people being able to spread this type of content. Robson Cunha, the singer’s lawyer, is already in contact with the authorities and will take the necessary measures to punish those responsibly. Here we are not only asking but begging you not to share this material.”

At present, Marilia Mendonca’s legal representatives are working to stop the circulation of these controversial pictures.

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