After “All Eyes on Rafah” it is ‘All Eyes on Congo’? What Is The Story Behind This Latest Trending Slogan?

“All eyes on Rafah” has spawned a series of similar trends like “All eyes on POK” and the latest trend that has hit the internet is “All eyes on Congo” related to the ongoing Civil war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Democratic Republic of the Congo has been in a state of Civil War for the last decade and peace efforts have been thwarted whenever a serious effort has been made by the UN and the international community to end the war.

What Is The Story Behind “All Eyes on Congo” Slogan?

The latest trend on the internet “All Eyes on Congo” on social media has been initiated to make people aware of the humanitarian tragedy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the hardships endured by the population of the war-ravaged country.

In “All Eyes on Rafah,” netizens shared an AI-generated image of the Tents erected in such a way that it depicted the slogan.

With the trend “All eyes on Congo,” social media users have shared the hashtag or the phrase “All eyes on Congo” with pictures depicting violence in the country in addition to Instagram. The slogan has also found its way into X and the post has been reposted and shared hundreds of times.

The slogan was also shared by Yannick Bolasie, an English soccer player who plays for the Congolese team on his X handle. He also supported the ongoing conflicts in Congo and Rafah in Gaza besides highlighting Brazil’s southernmost state, which is facing a crisis after torrential rain caused floods in the area.

Democratic Republic of the Congo – A Never-Ending Conflict

The conflict in the mineral-rich Democratic Republic of the Congo has been dragging on for decades and is one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world. The conflict has taken the lives of more than six million people and over six million people have been displaced.

Democratic Republic of the Congo is a mineral-rich country and produces 70% of the world’s cobalt, essential for manufacturing laptops, electric vehicles, and mobile phones. These mines have been a sticking point between different rebel groups who jostle to gain control in these regions.

The horrific consequences of this conflict include sexual slavery, children being forcibly recruited as child soldiers, and genocide. The mines which are operated by big multinational corporations with active support from rebel militia flout every rule and the miners work without proper safety regulations or decent wages. Many of the miners suffer from lifelong health issues after being exposed to toxic minerals.

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