AltStore: New App Store in EU with Patreon-Backed Apps to Rival Apple

Finally Apple is unveiling the feature to sideload iPhone apps in the EU countries and this has been possible because Apple has to adhere to the stringent provisions of Digital Markets Act (DMA) regulations. Users who have updated to the iOS 17.4 will now be able to use this feature and install apps backed by Patreon.

AltStore Launches in EU, Introducing Patreon Support to Challenge Apple Store

Apple has introduced AltStore, an alternative app store which will make it possible to sideload iPhone apps in the European Union (EU). Additionally developers will also have an option to monetize their apps and thus negating the need to pay commission to Apple on apps distributed via its App Store.

Detailing the alternative app store AltStore, developer Riley Testut said that the sideloading tool will soon be made available in the EU as an alternative App Marketplace. Testut also said that the app will be fully compliant with Cupertino giant’s policies for third-party app stores in the region. He also shared a video detailing the process of installing an app via the AltStore App Marketplace and it is evident that the process is quick and requires just a few taps.

Incidentally developers in the past had to pay Apple a Core Technology Fee of EUR 0.5 for every user even for apps that are free after the app has been downloaded more than one million times. Since the download count also included app updates, the Core Technology Fee is also applicable to several apps which have been popular on other third party app stores.

Testut also added that the AltStore App Marketplace in the EU will enable developers to offer Patreon-backed apps and will be equal to purchase or subscription available in Apple’s App Store.

The Patreon membership will also enable access to specific apps or features and also enable developers to monetize their applications or games. For example iPhone owners in the EU who have a Patreon membership will be able install beta versions of clipboard manager Clip and Nintendo emulator Delta from the AltStore App Marketplace. The standard version of Delta is free while a $1 Patreon membership will grant the users access to the stable version of the clipboard manager.

Apple had a near monopoly on the App Store ecosystem for iPhone apps and this was something akin to stifling competition as per the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA). The tech giant has been forced to make amends and now with the AltStore App Marketplace, the doors will be opened for other developers to be allowed to compete with the default iPhone App Store.

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