Amazon Dropshipping: A complete guide on how to sell from home  

Dropshipping is a very new concept in the world of business. It is an exciting and popular business model where you sell commodities without taking the stress of shipping services and storing the inventory. Dropshipping is associated chiefly with e-commerce websites where the procedure is effortless in the contemporary world. Your customers will place an order, and the e-commerce businesses will take care of the order’s delivery. Once the order is placed, sellers simply transfer the order to the manufacturing unit or fulfillment center, and then it becomes their responsibility to manage the products and meet the customer’s needs. Shipping is also governed by a third party and ensures the doorstep shipment to the customers. One such efficient fulfillment center is Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), a service similar to dropshipping.  

This business line is gaining popularity nowadays and favors individuals who prefer low operating costs and capital investments. Just like all other businesses have their ups and downs, dropshipping holds its own pros and cons. Although drop shipping may interest organizations that expect to sell generic items, it can restrict chances to fabricate a worldwide brand or deal with various items. Let’s have a look at various aspects of the new age venture.  

Pros and cons of Dropshipping  

One of the critical advantages of stepping into the dropshipping business is that you can represent and sell your products to potential customers with just a few steps. It is crucial to comprehend the positives and negatives of the dropshipping business before choosing what sort of business to begin with. Here are a few critical points regarding the pros and cons of the outsourcing profession for Indian sellers who want to build a worldwide brand.   

Pros of Dropshipping  

  • Lower start-up expenses  

Businesses with dropshipping strategies do not need high capital investment to set up a new line of work. Dropshipping restricts from acquiring inventory or establishing a warehouse to store it. It reduces the cost of buying a store, managing the inventory, hiring the staff, or transporting orders. An outsourcing business requests simply a web association. Thus, you can begin your dropshipping journey when you deprive yourself of the capital needed to run a regular retail business.  

  •  Broader selling options  

You can attract potential buyers via various platforms at once. You can sell your products on multiple channels such as your website, social media platforms, or other relevant e-commerce sites.  

  • Worldwide reach  

With dropshipping, you can reach customers worldwide. You can ship your products to any corner of the world by just sitting at your home. This helps in giving your brand international recognition.  

 Cons of Dropshipping  

  • Quality of the product  

Since dropshipping restricts you from getting involved in the product management, it limits your capacity to check and ensure item quality that is to be delivered to the end client. It is in the hands of a third party on whom you are reliable for your order fulfillment.   

  • Fulfillment workflow  

While you do not have control over order fulfillment, it is under the hands of the dropshipping service to perform the following activities such as order selection, packing, and shipment procedures.   

  • Special offers facility  

You are not eligible to put special offers and vouchers on a product like free shipping or bundling of products since you are not handling the order fulfillment. It is in the hands of the fulfillment house to attract customers in all possible ways.  

  • Tight profit margins  

Since dropshipping includes outsourcing of order fulfillment, it brings down your income. This implies you will ordinarily have to increment deals volume to turn a similar benefit as a customary retailer. Selling your products at low prices will attract customers but eventually lower your profit margin.   

Dropshipping on Amazon: Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)  

With its wide reach over the international markets, Amazon is the best choice for Indian sellers who want to shift their business on an e-commerce platform. Amazon Global Selling offers 18 marketplaces alongside more than 300 million customers worldwide. With the introduction of dropshipping services, Amazon brings you a seamless dropshipping model, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Offering comparative advantages as dropshipping, FBA allows Indian traders to export globally in a hassle-free manner with just a few clicks.   

Benefits that FBA offers:  

  • Product storage made easy. FBA takes responsibility for storing the commodities and storing it at the Amazon fulfillment center.  
  • Amazon Prime Membership badge offers fast delivery option to customers worldwide.  
  • It offers 24/7 customer service, which is an effective and efficient service it gives you the benefit of dealing with international customers whose language preferences you are unaware of.   
  • With FBA you do not need to worry about the return issues. It takes care of the return orders as well.  
  • FBA informs you whenever the restocking of products is needed.  

With easy shipping, faster delivery and better customer service, let us understand how FBA works.  

There are simple steps to complete your selling procedure on Amazon.  

Step 1: You send the range of products that you want to ship to the fulfillment center   

Step 2: FBA receive the items and stores them in their center.  

Step 3: Once the customer places the order on the site, FBA starts preparing the order. It manages the packing and then shipping of the order to the customers.   

Step 4: It provides 24/7 customer service and solve issues related to order.  

Step 5: It resolves and manages returns.  

Be a part of Amazon Global Selling  

Amazon Global Selling is an e-commerce export program. This initiative by Amazon is set up to take Indian sellers on a global level. With 200 million people registered as Amazon Prime members and 300+ million customers globally, it is a trusted e-commerce platform to scale up your business. Amazon offers 18 international marketplaces to export your products. The key features of Amazon Global Selling are:  

  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)  
  • Easy registration process  
  • Appealing listing of products   
  • Amazon SPN tools and services such as language tools, account management, and many more  

 With less revenue, no storing and shipping complications, and lower chances of failure, dropshipping stands as one of the best business ideas. Register with Amazon global Selling and scale up your business by exporting into new Amazon marketplaces.  

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