An In-Depth Analysis Of The Ingredients That Makes Semenax So Effective

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If you look at the medicines that are becoming famous all around for the treatment of male sexual disorders, then you will find that the semenax is a leading name. The reason behind it is the best ingredients present in the supplement. It is made of 17 all-natural supplements, which combined work for the upliftment of male disorders in which the sperm count is the main. People who are facing infertility issues are prescribed to take this supplement as it has no chemicals present in it. 

If you are curious to know what is present inside this supplement, you should read the following information. 

1. Swedish pollen flower

The main task of the Swedish pollen flower is to reduce prostate inflammation. This task is done by decreasing the cholesterol and lipid levels in the blood plasma. Also, Swedish pollen in semenax uplifts the mood of a person and increases the urge to have good sex. 

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2. L-Lysine 

L-Lysine is a protein building AA that reduces the lipoprotein levels that is deposited at the sidewall of arteries. This lets more oxygen circulating in the body, allowing the erections to be larger and stronger than ever. 

3. Epimedium Sagittatum Leaf 

The Epimedium leaf is also known as horny goat weed, which has icarin as its primary active product. The main function that is performed by this icarin is to remove the blockage that is present in the veins and dilate them for a better flow of blood. More the amount of blood reaches the penis due to this active ingredient, the larger it will get during the time of sexual intercourse. 

4. Hawthorn berry 

Hawthorn berries are packed with antioxidants that are responsible for providing more energy to the body and relaxes the sexual organ. More energy indirectly means better sexual stamina, required if you want to last for a longer period of time in-game. 

5. Cranberry Extract 

The cranberry fruit consists of many antioxidants, and photochemical that plays a major role in improving the sexual health of a person. It is also rich in Vitamin A, C and aphrodisiac, which is good for blood flow and activity of sexual glands like seminal vesicles, prostate, etc. It is also known for boosting the immune system and protection the body. 

6. Maca Root 

Maca root is the ingredient that helps out in increasing the sperm count and the quality of sperm in males. Along with that, it is also known for increasing the sex drive no matter you are male or female. Infertility caused due to low sperm count is overdue to this ingredient in semenax

7. L-Carnitine 

It is an amino acid which is basically known for maintaining a proper level of energy in male. This energy affects both the mood and libido. Also, it helps in releasing testosterone without actually affecting the size of the prostate gland, which is a plus point. 

8. L-Arginine HCL 

L-Arginine is responsible for the creation of proteins in the body and converts itself into nitric oxide in this process. This nitric oxide in the body will relax the blood vessels as much as possible, increasing the flow of blood into the penile region. It calls for a larger erection and prolonged erection for the penis, which is important for satisfactory sex. 

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9. Zinc Oxide 

When the sexual life is disturbed, then the mental health of a person is also disturbed. Zinc oxide helps in balancing mental health, and increases the level of testosterone, prolonging the time of thrust and ejaculation. Also, the pleasure one feel while having an orgasm is increased. 

10. Catuaba Bark

Catuaba bark is known mainly for arousal in male. Due to decreased sexual activity and sperm count, the arousal of the penis is affected, which is taken care of by Catuaba bark. It is helping in better maintenance of erections also. 

11. Pumpkin Seed 

Pumpkin seeds are a source of so many natural ingredients, out of which magnesium, zinc, omega3, and aphrodisiacs are important. It helps in ensuring the health of the prostate in the human body and assist in the better flow of blood in the penis for better functioning. 

12. Vitamin E 

If you are missing out on the pleasure in your sex for the time being now, due to which now the stamina of yours has also decreased, then Vitamin E is going to help you out. Also, it gives a boost to the level of testosterone present in the body. 

13. Zinc Aspartate  

If you have heard of benefits that are offered by Zinc Oxide, this is basically improving the issue of premature ejaculation that is faced by the penis due to erectile dysfunction. Also, it starts increasing the stamina of the body, which gives a better sex drive to the person. 

14. Muira Puama 

If a person lacks the desire to have sex, then for such people, this ingredient is added. It is also known for boosting the libido due to which male feels the attraction once again which they were missing. It also helps in the improvement of the erectile dysfunction issues faced by them. 

15. Pine Bark Extract 

Pine bark is the active ingredient that helps in the relaxation of the blood vessels to save them from any damage. Also, it helps in releasing nitrogen which increases the flow of blood in the vessels of the penis, which were blocked by materials like PDE. 

16. Wild Oat Straw

 It helps out in boosting testosterone which helps in boosting overall sexual activity as it is the male hormone which is having control of all the activities. The nerve endings are stimulated, which increases the feeling of pleasure. 

17. Sarsaparilla

The work of the sarsaparilla is to increase blood pressure and send excessive blood into the penis. Due to this, the erection is harder, and libido boosts up in the body. Sexual functioning is maintained at peak levels and increases the mobility of sperms also.

The above mentioned is the list of ingredients with the help of which semen3ax is formed. All the issues that revolve around the term male sexual issues can be easily resolved with this supplement’s help.  

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