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Rumors Suggest Ananya Panday Got Lip Fillers

Ananya Pandey is recently getting a lot of hate online because of her new apparent lip surgery.

So, recently, Ananya shared several pictures of herself from the latest photoshoot. Ananya was wearing a simple spaghetti top, and the picture was taken in her living room.

Ananya Panday Gets Lip Surgery

Ananya had her hair in a mess, and she was solely wearing a tinge of lip gloss as her makeup here.

When she posted the picture, there was something about Ananya that shocked everyone as she looked like Disha Patani or even Shanaya Kapoor.

People started getting confused about who she was.

Some people also commented on her picture that Ananya was looking like Disha Patani in her recent picture because of the lip surgery.

Some comments suggested that all of the actresses who allegedly went under the knife might have the same surgeon who’s been giving them the surgeries back to back.

Although, Ananya Pandey hasn’t addressed the allegations yet.

Some people find Ananya extremely hot with the looks she posted her picture in, while some in the comments have suggested Ananya not even try surgeries even if she is thinking about it, considering she’s already too beautiful.

Ananya Pandey started off her career at the age of 18, however, she didn’t receive fame until well after 2023 when she released “Kho Gaye Hum Kahan,” which turned out to become a cult favorite.

Currently, Ananya is working on TV series and upcoming movies which are yet to be announced.

Ananya Panday is also the brand ambassador of Lakmé Lip currently.

Ananya is also doing the voice-over for the “Inside Out 2” movie where she is set to be the voice of a character named ‘Anxiety.’

People keep praising her for improved acting skills and the improvement she’s shown for the time being.

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