Angry Birds Official Account Apologizes For Inappropriate Re-Tweet

Rovio Entertainment, the maker of the famous game Angry Birds, is currently in the middle of a crisis management situation. All of this happened because of a mistaken tweet they posted.

Angry Birds Official Account Apologizes For Their Mistweet

A random guy tagged Angry Birds, mentioning that he liked “enjoying” himself with Angry Birds characters. However, he did not like how the big red bird looked on the screen, so he thought of pulling it and doing something very unusual and sexual to himself.

This tweet was retweeted by the official account of Angry Birds. Later, when they found out, the official account could barely apologize for their actions. This whole thing became a huge scene in the media. People who saw the main tweet which was reshared had some sexually explicit messages in it.

“We sincerely apologize for an unfortunate incident that occurred on our account. Recently, an inappropriate post was accidentally reposted from the account. This was a genuine mistake, and we deeply regret any harm it may have caused,” is what the official post of apology read out.

Netizens online shared their horrific experiences about how disgusted and surprised they felt when they read the whole tweet.

The official account of Angry Birds was quick to respond to their mistake.

They publicly apologized for sharing what they did and made sure the message reached others who saw the retweet which they did.

Some netizens posted that it probably was a mistake, meanwhile, others thought the move was deliberately done. They questioned how the user of the account did not double-check before retweeting what they were doing.

This whole situation has gone amok on the internet.

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