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Annual 61-day fishing ban on Tennessee coast starting Monday

Chennai, April 13 (IANS) – The annual 61-day fishing ban on the eastern coast of Tamil Nadu is set to start on April 15 and will last until June 14. The ban will go into effect from Sunday midnight in order to preserve fishing resources.

The ban prohibits big mechanised boats, including barges, from fishing. The state government has allocated Rs 6,000 per fisherman’s family to support them during this ban period.

Antony Fernandes, a fishermen leader from Kasimedu, mentioned, “Last year, the government provided Rs 6,000 per family during this ban period, and this year, we are expecting the dole amount to be raised to Rs 8,000.” The mechanised boats are currently anchored at the harbour.

Local fishermen using country boats, Kettuvallams, and Kattumaram are not restricted by the ban. The Kasimedu fishing harbour in Chennai normally receives around 300 tonnes of fish daily on peak days, and around 200 tonnes on other days.

As a result of the annual ban, there will be a scarcity of fish in the market, causing prices to rise. This ban period is crucial for the conservation of fishing resources in the region.


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