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Here’s What Ant McPartlin’s New Tree Tattoo Is All About

Ant McPartlin and his wife, Anne-Marie Corbett, had their baby boy and they shared a picture of him too.

However, they did not announce their pregnancy or anything along the way.

One fine day, they shared the picture of their baby boy and added a caption that was sweet, heartwarming, and something that is enough to melt anyone in one go!

Ant McPartlin New Tree Tattoo Meaning

“Wilder Patrick McPartlin. Born, 14/05/24 at 8:54 am. Baby is beautiful, Mummy’s a legend, Sisters are over the moon. Dad’s a mess,” he added in the caption.

In this picture, fans noticed something new which they hadn’t ever.

Ant had a tattoo on his arm which is a tree that symbolizes a family tree.

In the tree, the names of people who are very special to him are stated, like Amzie, Daisy, Poppy, Bumble, and Milo.

These are the names of his pets, close ones, kids, family members, and more.

When the world got to know about the tree with names, they went all gooey and teary.

The thought behind the tattoo was absolutely beautiful. Ant is not just a dad; he is also the stepdad of Anne-Marie’s kids from her previous marriage.

And Ant also got his stepkids’ names tattooed on his body, which is perhaps an incredibly sweet and heartwarming thing to do.

Ant is so in love with his paternal relationship with the step kids so much so that he literally shelled out 2000 dollars to get the kids puppies for them! The tattoo has won hearts because of how beautiful and thoughtful the tattoo is. Who knows, that tattoo is now going to be a new trend among people to ink the ones special to them

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