Anubhav Dubey Biography: Story, Net Worth, Age, Wife, Children, Family, House, Interesting facts and everything about Chai Sutta Bar Founder

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Anubhav Dubey, Co-founder of Chai Sutta Bar is just a 25-year boy and runs a 100 Crore business. He is from Indore Madhya Pradesh. Like any other ordinary boy from North India, he went to Delhi to prepare for UPSC and to become an IAS officer. Then how an ordinary boy of Indore suddenly becomes an entrepreneur of 100 crore business?

He and his friend Anand Nayak from Indore had plans to start a tea-selling business since their college days. While preparing for UPSC, Anubhav got a call from the same friend to work on college days idea of starting tea selling business.

Anubhav went back to Indore and they started working on their business idea. They started finding a room for a business and what they found was an empty warehouse of cement. 

They had 3 lakh rupees of their savings which they invested in this business. They spent all the money on decorating the room and buying new furniture. They started giving tea for free in the initial days but no one came to drink, even for the free tea.

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To attract more crowds they decided to call their friends and offered them free tea. After seeing a crowd more people from nearby hostels and passersby started visiting a tea stall. 

Within six months Chai Sutta bar grabbed the attention of locals and became famous in the town. Their sale increased and they has to hire 5-6 people to manage the orders.

They decided to expand and open new franchises in other cities. Now their business has expanded in and they more than 165 outlets, not only in India but also in Dubai, Muscat, Oman, Nepal. Chai Sutta bar has now more than 1500+ Employees.

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Interesting Facts about Anubhav Dubey

  • He got the United nations Young Change Maker Conclave (UNYCC) award.
  • His story was documented by NCERT.
  • He sells more the 3 lakh kulhad of tea every day.
  • Chai Sutta Bar was raided by the narcotics team 2 times.
  • Anubhav has an IT company named Tech Master Gogo.
  • Chai Sutta Bar trading Pvt. Ltd trades in Ceramic Products.
  • He was planning to open a non-veg product brand with the name of 2 boti 4 roti.

Anubhav Dubey Age, Net worth and other information

Age25 years (2021)
HomeTownRewa city of Madhya Pradesh
EducationRenaissance College of Commerce and Management
Net WorthEstimated 50 crore INR +.
Income25 Lakh +

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