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Apple Slapped With A Class Action Lawsuit Which Accuses It Of Paying Women Employees Less Than Their Male Counterparts

The Cupertino-based tech behemoth, Apple, has been slapped with a class action lawsuit accusing it of paying its female employees less than their male counterparts. The lawsuit alleges that 12,000 female employees who were employed in engineering, marketing, and AppleCare divisions earned significantly less than their male counterparts with similar jobs.

The class action lawsuit was filed in state court in San Francisco by two women who have worked at Apple for more than a decade in California and alleged that they were paid less compared to their male counterparts.

Apple Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Alleged Gender Pay Disparity

Apple decides the base salary of its newly employed personnel based on the salaries they drew at previous jobs or on their ‘pay expectations,’ resulting in female workers getting lower wages compared to males. The lawsuit also alleged that Apple’s performance evaluation system, which calculates raises and bonuses, is biased against women.

Apple has reacted to the lawsuit, stating it is committed to inclusion and pay equity.

Cupertino, California-based Apple, in a statement, said,

‘Since 2017, Apple has achieved and maintained gender pay equity, and every year we partner with an independent third-party expert to examine each team member’s total compensation and make adjustments, where necessary, to ensure that we maintain pay equity.’

Eve Cervantez, the lawyer for the plaintiffs, said Apple’s actions only widen the gender disparity and perpetuate it.

Cervantez said in a statement, ‘This is a no-win situation for female employees at Apple.’

California State has enacted laws that prohibit new employers from seeking details of the applicant’s previous salary to eliminate bias based on sex and race.

The two women who have filed the lawsuit are Justina Jong and Amina Salgado. While the former was a training instructor in Apple’s marketing department, the latter was an AppleCare manager. Jong came to know about the disparity when she saw a male Apple worker’s tax form left on the office printer, which revealed that he made $10,000 more than a woman doing the same job. Both Justina Jong and Amina Salgado had been employed with Apple for a decade.

The lawsuit also asks the court to require Apple to award back pay, with 10% interest. The lawsuit further alleged that there are thousands of women workers currently and in the past who have fallen victim to Apple’s pay practices.

The latest lawsuit has once again brought the spotlight on Silicon Valley’s male-dominated technology industry. A similar class action lawsuit in 2022, which alleged gender discrimination, had forced Google to agree to pay $118 million to up to 15,500 women to settle the case.

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