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April Fools’ Day 2022: 50+ Best Extremely Funny Jokes for Students

Many stories are prevalent about April Fools’ Day, but there is no firm praise for it. It is said in many places that it was started…



April Fools' Day 2022: 50+ Best Extremely Funny Jokes for Students

April 1st is celebrated all over the world as April Fools’ Day. On this day people laugh and joke with each other. The specialty of this day is that the person who becomes a victim of laughter is named April Fool. Although some festival is celebrated every day in the world, this day is a special day. On this day people make many jokes with each other and are very happy by fooling them. In many countries, this day is also a holiday. In France, Italy, Belgium, paper fish are made and pasted behind people to celebrate this day.

Many stories are prevalent about April Fools’ Day, but there is an exact reason known behind its celebration. It is said in many places that it was started in 1392 in France when Pope Charles 9 started the new Roman calendar instead of the old calendar. According to the most popular concept in this, in ancient times, Romans used to start their New Year in April, while in medieval Europe, March 25 was also celebrated to commemorate New Year.

In India, celebrating Fool’s Day on April 1 was started by the British in the 19th century.


Earlier it was a practice to celebrate Fool’s Day for only one day. But nowadays people are becoming fools every day. April Fools’ Day is a day, which people make each other fool. That’s why this day is called April Fools’ Day.

Here are April Fools’ Day 2022: 50+ Best Extremely Funny Jokes for Students

April Fools’ Day 2022: 50+ Best Extremely Funny Jokes for Students
April Fools' Day 2022 Jokes for Students

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April Fools' Day 2022 Jokes for Students
April Fools' Day Quotes

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Hilarious Deez Nuts Jokes for 2024 (18+ Only)



Hilarious Deez Nuts Jokes

Deez Nuts is a slang term that is used to butt into any conversation and make a mess of the proceedings. In a purely literary sense, it refers to the testicles and is used to alter or disrupt the flow of any conversation.

The origin of the word can be first traced to an album by Dr. Dre titled ‘Deeez Nuuuts’ which was released in 1992. The song features a telephonic conversation between a man and a woman and during the conversation, the man suddenly cries-“Deez nuts!” and within a year the phrase became a common feature among hip-hop and R&B artists. By 1993 the term appeared in many titles of songs by the rapper A.L.T. and the R&B group Xscape. The term thus became a tool for disruptive interruption of any conversation.

The original mention of the phrase happened in Dr Dre’s song and the phrase continued to be in use for years until 2015 when an Instagram user named WelvenDaGreat uploaded a video that featured himself in conversation with a friend telling a Deez Nuts joke and the video became an instant internet sensation and became viral in no time.


However, it was a strange turn of events that had a twist of irony when Deez Nuts became a Presidential candidate and scored third place in the public polls just behind Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. A 15-year-old Iowa native named Brady Olson registered the pseudonym to vent his frustration against both the two major political parties who were in the fray.

The very fact that something like the phrase Deez Nuts can be inserted in a serious occasion like the US Presidential election caught the attention of the general public. The public even believed that WelvenDaGreat, who created the Deez Nuts conversation banter in his YouTube video, was indeed the Presidential candidate.

With the sudden spurt in Social media platforms often phrases and slang become the trend and widely used in the content which are uploaded on these platforms. Deez Nuts can be used by both genders and is often used as a tension breaker during conversations. It is generally used for trolling or can also be used to show disapproval during any conversation by referring to something overtly inappropriate like a sexual act.


Today Deez Nuts has become a very common online meme and is often also used in prank calls and prank videos. There is no paucity of online memes based on Deez Nuts.

Here is a collection of amusing Deez Nuts Jokes, which have the potential to make you laugh till you are in splits-

Amusing Deez Nuts Jokes To Laugh Out Loud

Deez Nuts Jokes


Hello Darling! I need new sports shoes, Can I get some money from you??

Yes.. But..


Hey, I don’t what to listen to “BUTS” Hmm.

Fine then, I’ll only give you Deez Nuts.


Do you know a guy named Barry?

Yes, I do. Well, Barry Deez nuts!



Do you want to rent a sloop for today?

– Sloop on Deez Nuts!


Hey, I met someone at the store today who said that they were actually ugondese.”
– Where’s that, I’ve never heard of it.
Set location to UgonDeez nuts

Best Deez Nuts Jokes


Excuse me however do you Bofa?

– Bofa? I don’t think so?

Bofa Deez Nuts!



Where’s your munyayo?
– Huh? What’s that?


Me: Have you ever been to Chewons?
You: No. What’s Chewons?
Me: Chew on Deez Nuts

Hilarious Deez Nuts Jokes


Have you ever gone to a trade expo?

– Yes, I love expos.


Are you going this afternoon?

– Going where

Down on Deez Nuts!



Me: Have you ever been to Chewons?

– You: No. What’s Chewons?

Me: Chew on Deez Nuts!


Hey, what’s 4*2? – 8. why?

You eight Deez Nuts!



Do you prefer the Yankees or the Expos? – Expos Deez Nuts!


Yank on Deez Nuts!


Deez Nuts Jokes


Can you name a state that starts with a ‘K’ besides Kentucky?

– No, what?


Have you heard of the state, Kandeeznutsfitinyourmouth?


Do you like riding on trains?

– Yes.Because you can ride on Deez Nuts!


Do you want me to buy one of these?
– Yeah sure
How about two of Deez Nuts.


I am so sick of this. This sucks!
– What sucks?
You suck on Deez Nuts!


Me: Do you find parodies funny?
Friend: Yeah, sometimes I do.
Me: Well, how about a pair of Deez Nuts Enya Mouth?!

Best Deez Nuts Jokes


Do you want to come with me to the West Indies?

– The West Indies?



You can’t have my heart,

– But you can hold my Deez Nuts!


Don’t sit on that!
– Sit on what?
SIT ON Deez Nuts!


Do you guys want some of my goodies?
– Yes, we do!
Okay, here’s a bag of good Deez Nuts!

I am so sick of this it sucks! What Sucks? You Suck on Deez Nuts.


You will never guess who I saw hanging out together.

– Who?

Deez Nuts!



What is your favourite day of the week? Mine is Wednesday.
– I don’t know. Why Wednesday?
Because that’s the only day when you can eat Deez Nuts.


Do you know Mr. Felfor that lives next door?
– Mr. Feltfor? I don’t think so. Why?


How did your doctor’s appointment go?
– It was OK, but I have a vitamin D deficiency. I need to spend more time outside.
I can help you to get that D.
I’m willing to give you some of Deez Nuts!

Hey Mike is Phil There? Phil Who?


“Honeys be like “Meth”; I be like “What?”

– “We want some free CDs”; I be like “See Deez Nuts!”


Knock, knock.

-Who’s there?

-It’s your boy Dee, open up!


-Dee, who? -Deez nuts!


Do you like boats?
What is your favorite type of boat?
-I like fishing boats.
How about tugboats?
-They are powerful
Tug on Deez Nutz

Do you know Landon? Landon Who? Trip, Fall and Landon Deez Nuts!


“Hey, man are you leaving? Leaving what?



Knock, knock! – Who’s there?

It’s your boy Dee, open up!Dee, who? Deez Nuts!



Have you ever heard about the Russian millionaire Ivan Putindese?
– Ivan Putindese?
Yes, the Ivan PutinDEEZ Nuts!


Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Candice who?
Candice nuts fit in your mouth?

What is your favourite animation studio? That's Easy, Walt Deez Nutz!


OMG Guys! Did you hear what happened to Justin?

– Justin time for Deez Nutz!


You know where Norway is?

– Norway Deez Nuts can fit in yo mouth!


Excuse me, do you sell Foshake?

– Foshake? I don’t think so?


Foshake Deez Nuts!


Can you imagine dragons flying in the sky?
Yes, I can.
Then Imagine dragging Deez Nuts across your mouth.


Wanna join me on a trip to The Andes? -The Andes? Where’s that supposed to be? It’s right next to the valley of An Deez Nuts!


Teacher: I’m sorry, but I’ve graded your paper, and I’m going to have to give you a D.
Student: Well, I’m sorry too, because I need to give you Ds also.
Teacher: What do you mean?
Student: Deez Nuts!


What is your favorite animation studio?
That’s easy, Walt Deez Nutz!


Do you like parodies?

Yes, sometimes.

Then you’ll love it when I give you a pair of Deez Nuts!



I can’t believe that Sophia speaks Ligondese.
Yes, Lig-on-dese Nuts!


Sometimes I miss cassette tapes.
Well, if you want, I cassette Deez Nuts on your face.


What’s your favorite Pokémon?


Then come and Rhydon Deez Nuts!


Did you just get beaten up by a Pokémon trainer?
Shut up!
He really Hitmontop Deez Nuts


Come to the Dark Side; we’ve got Deez Nuts!


Anakin got mad because he couldn’t handle the weight of… Deez Nuts


I’d like to get Princess Leia on Deez Nuts


Feeling Drowzee? Rest your head on Deez Nuts!


What’s the most nervous Pokémon?
Bewear Deez Nuts!

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50+ Double Meaning Jokes for GF (18+ Only)



44+ Double Meaning Jokes for Your Friend | It's Very Funny

Double Meaning Jokes SMS or Double Meaning Messages are those Jokes SMS Messages which have two meanings. These messages are used to mislead somebody which is why it’s referred to as dual meaning chutkule. In case you are looking for some very funny Double Meaning jokes then you might be in the right place.

Now we have an assortment of double-meaning textual content messages and jokes. Hope you’ll like these twin-meaning jokes and for those who like this please suggest this page to your friends. Have fun and luxuriate in your stay right here. Ship these double-meaning joke messages to your good friend’s mobile.

Double Meaning Jokes for Friend

Double Meaning Jokes for Friend


Lady in bus: – aapka kuchch touch ho raha hai.
Adami: – 
oh, vo meri salary hai pocket mein.
Lady : – 
saale haraami ! teri salary 5 mint mein 3 gun badh gayi ?:


Sunny leone Comedy nights with kapil mein aayi
to ek darhsak ne kaha “main aap ka bahut bada prashanshak hoon.
mainne aapaki saari filmein dekhi hain.

kya main aapake saath aap ki film ka ek step kar sakta hoon?
is par siddhu ne kaha

“Guru, har peela phool aam nahin hota, har seeta ka pati ram nahin hota.
thodi jeb dheeli karo aur hotal ka kharcha, kyoki ye vo step hai
jo khule aam nahin hota. thoko.

Double Meaning Jokes for Your Friend


Ladka: aaj bada pyaar aa raha hai…
 jaanu, tum aaj mujhase ek waada karo
 jo tumhaara dil kare… vo maang lo
baby, wo jo saamane laal rang ki Car khadi hai na..
 haan…haan.. Ladki: jaanu, mujhe wo doge kya!
 main tumhe usee laal rang ki lipistick doonga


Santa bank me manager ban gaya
achanak bank me daaku aa gaye

Daaku santa se:
 pent utaar
 maarna mat utarta hu.
 ab hath utha
santa ne daaku pe 4 thappad jad die
Are saale maar kyon rha hai?
Santa darte hue
bhai apne hi to bola hath utha 

Double Meaning Jokes for Girlfriend


Sheela – sir aaj kuchh naya padhaiyee
Teacher –
 bachchon har baat ke do matalab nikalate hain
Sheela –
 nikaal ke dikhaiyee sir
Teacher – 
Baith ja beti
Teri is baat ke bhi do matalab nikalte hain 


Patni: Nashta Karlo.
Husband: Sx hi Mera nashta hai. (Aur pati sx karne lag jata haj)
Dopahar ko Patni: Lunch Karlo.
Husband: Sx hi Mera lunch hai, • (Aur pati sx kame lag Jata haj)
(Raat k0 jab pati ghar aata hai toh Patni panty utaar kar
heater ke aago baithi hoti haj)
Husband: Ye kya hai
Patni : Hawas ke pujari khana
garam kar rahi hun.

Double Meaning Jokes for Girlfeiend Adults


Chati se chati mili, mila ched se ched, ghasa ghas hone lage, nikla safed safed, batao kya?
Ans. Aata chakki


Aurat bade pyar se kholti hai aur ek anjan admi bade pyar se karta hai batao kya?
Ans – aurat bde pyar se darwaja kholti hai aur admi use namaste karta hai?



What part of the man has no bone but has muscles, has lots of veins, like pumping, & is responsible for making love?
Ans – Heart

What part of the man has no bone but has muscles, has lots of veins, like pumping, & is responsible for making love?
Ans - Heart


Who is the best goalkeeper in the world?
All women since they never allow balls to enter.

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Double Meaning Jokes for Girlfriend

Double Meaning Jokes for Girlfriend


Boyfriend- Achanak bola:
Mujhe AIDS hai..

Girlfriend- KYA?
Boy- Ghabrao Mat…
Me mazaak kar raha hu,
Bas tumhari tight karni thi..



Chotu: Auntyji, you have a Bungalow, Cars, Bank balance, Nauker-Chaaker..,
Aap karti Kya Hai..??
Sunny Leone replies:-
Bas Beta, Ek Chhota Sa ‘HOLE-SALE’ ka Business hai.

Chotu: Auntyji, you have a Bungalow, Cars, Bank balance, Nauker-Chaaker..,
Aap karti Kya Hai..??
Sunny Leone replies:-
Bas Beta, Ek Chhota Sa ‘HOLE-SALE’ ka Business hai.


Feeling bored?
Wondering, what to do?
Open the zip!
Enter your hands in between your zip..
take out your..
book from your bag and study.


1 Lady Travel Agent ke Pass Gayi,  Aur Kaha ke Mujhe Honey Moon Ke Bilkul Saste Package Batao
Travel Agent: 50 Thousand Me 3 Countries, &
25 Thousand Me 1 Country

Lady: Aur Koi Is Se Sasta.?
Travel Agent: Ek Package Bilkul Free Hai…
Lekin Usmein Husband Hamaari Company Ka Hoga..!

Funny Double Meaning Jokes


Sharma ji ki party me dinner
karte hue Verma ji ke
Mrs Sharma akar boli:
Bhaisaab, apne
to kuch liya hi nahi!”
Or 1
chicken ka leg-piece utha ke unki plate mein rakh diya.
Party khatam hone par Sharma ji ne
Verma ji se puchha:
“Khana kaisa tha?”
Verma Ji: Dishes to sabhi badiya
thi, par end mein bhabhi ji ne jo taang utha ke di, maza aa gaya! 


Girl to doctor: Meri Umar 17 saal hai aur meri skin bohat soft aur sensitive hai.. Mera rang bhi bohat gora hai.. mein raat ko kya laga kar soya karun?

Doctor: KUNDI 

How can you postpone a sperm bank appointment?Just pick up the phone and tell them that you can't come.


BF: I wanna kiss on Your Lips
GF: Upper Lips? or Lower Lips
BF: What?
GF: Horizontal Lips? or vertical Lips?
BF: I didn’t Understand
GF: Jaa Beta Jaake Pogo dekh.


Dulhan: Aaa Aaa… Dard ho raha hai, aaram se karo!


Dulha: Kuch nahi hoga… bas tum das tak gino… mein nikaal lunga.

Dulhan: 1, 2 Aah 3, 4, 5, Aah 6, 7 Aah, 8 Aah, 8 Vaao, 8, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4.. !!


Adhyapika: Baccho aaj hum vyakaran padhenge, to batao ek aurat ek khidki se jhaank rahi hai, ye kya hai!


Pappu: Madam Ji ye ek vachan hua!

Adhyapika: Accha Pappu, ab tum batao bahut se auraten khidki se jhaank rahi hain!

Pappu: kuch der sochne ke baad madam ye to Ra*di bazar hai!

Why sex education in schools should be banned?See everything is fine until the kids start recieveing homework.


Patni: Mein jabgaana gaati hun to tum bahar kyun khadi ho jaate ho!

Pati: Taaki logon ko ye na lage ki mein tumhare saath jabardasti kar raha hun!

Double Meaning Jokes for Boyfriend

Double Meaning Jokes for Boyfriend


Boy: Tumhari Car Kaisi Chal Rahi Hai?

Girl: Theek Chal Rahi Hai.

Boy: Aaj Shaam Ko Dogi Kya?


Girl: Haan Le Lena, But Ye Toh Batao Car Ke Baare Mein hi Kyun Pooch rahe ho Ya???


Bathroom Mein, 1 Boy Ne 1 Girl Ko Har Jagah Touch  Kiya.

kya Tum Jaante Ho Ke Woh Boy Kaun Hai?……..Nahi….Woh Hai LIFEBOY!!!


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Sex Karne Ke Baad Husband Bola: Darling, Airtel ka BALANCE Khatam Ho Gaya..!!–Itne Me Padosi Ka Baccha Apni chaddi utar Ke bola: Aunty VODAFONE ka chota recharge chalega..??

Sex Karne Ke Baad Husband Bola: Darling, Airtel ka BALANCE Khatam Ho Gaya..!!–Itne Me Padosi Ka Baccha Apni chaddi utar Ke bola: Aunty VODAFONE ka chota recharge chalega..??


Wife- Bohot Machhar kaat rahe hain.
Misba Ul Haq- Goodnight ya All Out?
Wife- Goodnight laga do. All out to aap roz hi hote ho.


Teacher: What came 1st Sun or Moon ???
Santa: obviously Moon..
Teacher: How?
Santa: Madam ji Honey’moon’ hoga tabhi to ‘Son’ ayega na ! 



Girl: If you will propose me with shortest sentence ever then only I will accept
Boy: DEGI?


What is the thing that a man hides and women shows while walking?
Answer – Purse

Little Johnny In a Letter To Santa: Please send me a sibling.Santa Replied: Ok, send me your mum.


Woh kya hai jo tumhari pant main hai aur meri pant mein nahi hai?
Ans. Pocket.


Why are women more talkative than men?
Because they have four lips.



Boy: Mujhse Shaadi Karlo Mera Bahut Lamba hai!
Girl: Kyaa??
Boy: Anubhav
Girl: Ohh Thik Hai, Mein Taiyaar Hun Mera Bhi Kaafi Gehra Hai
Boy: Kyaa??
Girl – Aatmavishwas


Saas: Ye bartan kisne tode…

Bahu: Ji hamari ladai hogayi thi…


Saas: Accha to ye palang kaise tuta…

Bahu: Ji haamara samjhauta hogaya tha!!

Why are women more talkative than men?
Because they have four lips.


Badi behen honeymoon par gayi!

Choti ne message kiya, didi jo jeans di thi, usse jarur pehanana!


Didi ne jawab diya, iss haramkhor ne 4 din se chaddi nahi pehanane di, aur tujhe jeans ki padi hai?


A beautiful lady was speaking to a General at a party:
Lady: When was the last time you had sex?
General: 1945.
Lady: Oh my God! How about some now ?
General: [Looks at his watch] No, I’m cool. It’s only 2030.


Tujhe Dekh Ke
Khara Hota Hai
Meri Hasraton ka Minaar…


Wah Wah…

Ab Jhuk Jara Daal Dun
Tere Gale Mein Phoolon Ka Haar…

Be Positive
Mere yaar…



Biwi Ko Din Mein Karoge To Vo Sust Rahegi…

Sham Ko Karoge To Chust Rahegi…

Roj Karoge To Tandrust Rahegi…


Karte Rahoge To Khush Rahegi…

“Office Se Sirf 1 Call”


Sunny Leone is casted in the sequel of


Hum Aapke Hain Kaun… With Family Song…

Bhabhi Tum Khushiyon ka Khajan…

Dicckk Tana Dik tana a dck tana!


Funny Double Meaning Jokes

Funny Double Meaning Jokes


Girl: Bas Kro Aur Kitna Karoge Raat Ke
12 Baje Se Kar Rahe Hain Ab Subha Ho Gyi Hai
Thake Nhi Kya…???

Boy: Ye To Kuch Nhi, Ab Main To Din Raat
Karunga Qki Mere To 3000 Sms Free Hai…!!!


Usne Utaari Saree, Fir Aayi Paticoat Ki Bari, Blouse To Pahle Hi Diya Tha Utar…!!!

Zayda Excited Mat Ho Yaar, Yeh Tha Kapray
Sukhane Ka Taar…

Double Meaning Jokes


Ladkiyan apas me Gale Milte waqt
Kya Sochti Hai…??

Is Ke To Mujh se Bhi Zyada “Bade” Ho
Gye hai…!!





Pta nhi kaunsa shampoo use karti hai, “BAALON” pe…!!!

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Girl: Kal raat to hadd he ho gayi, Uff 2 ghante! meri to jaan he nikal gayi
Saare kapre geele ho gaye
Pehle to ek ghanta karte the
Magar kal to poore 2 ghante tak bina ruke kiya
1 Ghanta hi buhat tha
ye 2 Ghante ki Load Shedding to jaan he nikal leti hai.


Ek Aurat Auto Rukwa Kar Paise
Pay Karte-

Karte Doosre Auto Mein Baith Gayi
Pehla Auto Wala Hadbadi Mein
Jaldi-Jaldi Se Bola.

Auto Wala: “Ye Kya Baat Hui,
Khada Aapne Mera
Karwaya, Aur Chadd Doosre Par


14 Saal Ka Ladka Apne Pados Ki Aunty Se Puchhta Hai,
Ladka: “Aunty, Ladkiyon Ko 12 Saal Ki Umar Mein Bachcha Hota Hai Kya?”
Aunty: “Nahi”
Ladka: “To Fir Apni Beti Ko Samjhao Na, Faltu Mein Condom Ka Kharcha Karwati Hai“ 


Double Meaning Jokes 2022

Wo kaun si cheez hai jisme ladkiyaan ladke se kahti hai aur jyada andar daalo?
Answer- sui me dhaga


What starts with an ‘S’ and ends with a ‘K’ and you can’t enjoy it until you put it in your mouth?



My friend told me, he was working on a special Project “Aqua Thermal treatment of Ceramics, Aluminium, and Steel under a constrained environment”
I was impressed.
Later when I come to know that idiot was washing utensils in warm water, under the supervision of his wife !!


I was flying Lufthansa from New Delhi to Vienna. It’s a long, 8 hr flight and mine was a late night one.

Most of the air hostesses were blue eyed blondes for the exception of one lady who was a bit older, perhaps in her 40s.

So people were settling in to sleep while I was still finishing my dinner and many people kept calling for the hostesses, some for water, some for blankets..


The blondes were quite pretty. I pressed the flight call attendant button hoping one of them would turn up and I’d perhaps strike up a conversation as I wasn’t sleepy.

But the older lady turned up for me. So I just told her that they are doing a great job and I’m enjoying my flight with them. She paused for a second and looked at me intently and said, “thanks, but is there something you want young man?”

I took a moment. And then quietly said :


“I’d love to have another one of these mango mousses”

She smiled, went back and got me TWO.


Papp galli mein peshab kar raha tha…

Tabhi vahan se ek ladki nikli…


Pappu ko peshab karta dekhkar…

Ladki vahan ruk gayi…

Pappu – Dariya mat!


Aap jissase dar rahi hain

usse mene pakad rakha hai!


Tu ameer ghar ki ladki hai isliye shayad tere itna bade hain…


Tere inn badon ke chakkar mein mere armaan khade hain.


A young lady had just visited her doctor and he informed her that she was pregnant. The young lady had been married for ten years and had wanted a baby very badly. As she sat on the bus, on her way home, she felt that she had to share the good news with someone. The gentleman sitting next to her seemed as good as anyone to share the good news with.

Sir, she said, I just received the best news you could ever imagine. I have to share it with someone or I’ll bust. She told him the news that the doctor had told her about being pregnant.

The man shared her enthusiasm as he shared his experience. He said he was a farmer and he had trouble with his hens laying eggs. He stated that he went out to the hen house one morning and all of his hens had laid eggs. He was so happy. he added, “but confidentially, I changed cocks.”


The newly pregnant woman responded, “Confidentially, me too.”


Baap apne bete the result lene school gaya!

Baap: Madam kab dogi? Kaafi der se mera Pappu khada hai.


Madam: Period To Khatam Hone Do!

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101+ Hilarious Jokes That Will Make You Cry (18+ Only)

Over 101 hilarious jokes guaranteed to make you cry with laughter, featuring adult humor suited for an 18+ audience.



101+ Hilarious Jokes That Will Make You Cry (18+ Only)

Laughing is essential in life and in this sense, Jokes play an important role in tickling. Start your day with these 100+ Most Hilarious Jokes That Will Make You Cry. These Hilarious Jokes, we have gathered for you by the suggestions from our team members. Hope you will like our collection of 100+ “Most Hilarious Jokes That Will Make You Cry”. These one-liners would also make great custom t-shirts to gift to your friends or to express your geeky and comical side.

101 Hilarious Jokes That Will Make You Cry

  • What do you call a hippie’s wife? A Mississippi!
  • What did the duck say when she bought lipstick? Put it on my bill!
  • I hate Russian dolls. They’re so full of themselves.
  • What condition does a noodle have when it doesn’t feel like it’s good enough? – Impasta Syndrome!
  • Dear life, when I said “Can my day get any worse” it was a rhetorical question not a challenge.
  • I’m so tired of saying “Oh shit, my mask…”. Like I’m Batman or some shit.
  • Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl going to the bathroom? Because the “P” is silent
  • What do you call an angry carrot? A steamed veggie.
  • What did the tomato say to the other tomato during a race? Ketchup.
  • What do you call a sad strawberry? A blue berry!
  • What do cows read the most? Cattle-logs.
  • What did 0 say to 8? “Nice belt.”
  • Why do mushrooms get invited to all the parties? Because they are such fungis.
  • What does a spy do when he is cold? He goes undercover.
  • What would bears be without bees? Ears.
  • What did the triangle say to the circle? You’re pointless.
  • What do lawyers wear to court? Lawsuits.
  • What did one toilet say to another? You look flushed.
  • What do sprinters eat before they race? Nothing. They fast.
  • What’s Forrest Gump’s password? 1forrest1.
Hilarious Jokes That Will Make You Cry
  • What do you call a man with a rubber toe? Roberto!
  • Where did the computer go dancing? The disc-o!
  • What do bees do if they need a ride? Wait at the buzz stop!
  • Why can you never hear a pterodactyl going to the bathroom? Because the pee is silent.
  • Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field.
  • What do you call a sad cup of coffee? Depresso.
  • How did the telephone propose to his girlfriend? He gave her a ring.
Hilarious Jokes That Will Make You Cry For Adults
  • What do you give to a sick lemon? Lemon aid!
  • What did the little mountain say to the bigger mountain? Hi Cliff!
  • One night an aeroplane was burglarized, and all the toilet paper was stolen. When the police came to investigate, their report was inconclusive, because they had nothing to go on.
  • What did the fish say when he hit the wall? DAM!
  • Maybe money can’t buy happiness, but I think it’s only fair to give to me learn that lesson myself.
  • I admit that my level of weirdness is above the average, but i’m comfortable with it.
  • What happens when a snowman throws a tantrum? He has a meltdown.
  • What did the janitor say when he jumped out of the closet? Supplies!

One-Liner Jokes

Hilarious Jokes That Will Make You Cry One Liners
  • My friend’s in prison for flashing; he says he can’t bare it anymore.
  • I said to my friend, “Let’s take turns naming American vice-presidents, Al Gore first.”
  • My friend’s selling a load of broken yo-yos, no strings attached.
  • I tried drag racing the other day; it’s murder trying to run in those heels.
  • I went geese hunting the other day but once they started flying I knew the game was up.
  • What’s the leading cause of dry skin? Towels
  • Why can’t a nose be 12 inches long? Because then it would be a foot.
  • Where does the general put his armies? In his sleeves.
  • What did the football coach say to the broken vending machine? Give me my quarterback.
  • How did the two cats end their fight? They hissed and made up.

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  • How did the barber win the race? He knew a shortcut!
  • I was a bookkeeper for 10 years… the local library wasn’t too happy about it.
  • It’s really important to obey the laws of grammar, after all, rules are rules.
  • Why didn’t the vampire attack Taylor Swift? She had bad blood.

Hilarious Jokes for Adults

  • Men vacuum in the same way that they have sex. – They just put it in and make some noise for 3 minutes before they collapse on the couch.
  • Someone asked the other day how you spell “scrotum”, I replied ” you should have asked me last night as it was on the tip of my tongue”
  • What do tofu and a dildo have in common? They are both meat substitutes
  • What do you call a useless piece of skin on a penis? A penis
  • A naked man broke into a church. The police chased him around and finally caught him by the organ.
  • I just came across my wife’s Tinder profile and I’m so angry about her lies. She is not “fun to be around.
  • You don’t need a driver license to ride me.
  • My entire life can be summed up in one sentence… “well that didn’t f*cking go as planned.”
  • I come from a place where “keep talking” means you better shut the fuck up.
  • The doctor gave me one year to live, so I shot him with my gun. The judge gave me 15 years. Problem solved.
  • My senior relatives liked to tease me at weddings, saying things like, “You’ll be next!” They stopped once I started doing the same to them at funerals.
  • My husband and I have reached the difficult decision that we do not want children. If anybody does, please just send me your contact details and we can drop them off tomorrow.
  • If you were born in September, it’s pretty safe to assume that your parents started their new year with a bang.
Hilarious Jokes That Will Make You Cry for Adults
  • What do you call an IT teacher who touches up his students? A PDF file
  • How is virginity like a soap bubble? One prick and it’s gone
  • How is pubic hair like parsley? You push it to the side before you start eating.
  • How did Burger King get Dairy Queen pregnant?
  • What do you do when your cat’s dead? Play with the neighbor’s pussy instead.
  • What do a penis and a Rubik’s Cube have in common? The more you play with it, the harder it gets.
  • I was drinking a martini and the waitress screamed “does anyone know CPR?” I yelled, “I know the entire alphabet” and we all laughed and laughed. Well, except for one person.
  • My girlfriend dumped me, so I stole her wheelchair. Guess who came crawling back?
  • Why does a mermaid wear seashells? Because she outgrew her B-shells!

Hilarious Jokes for Teens

  • What did the French teacher say to the class? I don’t know I couldn’t understand her.
  • Why couldn’t the teacher control her pupils? She couldn’t find her glasses.
  • What did the tomato say to the ketchup bottle? How you doin’ brother?
  • What can you catch but not throw? Your breath.
  • What did the chef say to make the raw potato laugh? This is going to be your last roast.
  • For Sale: Parachute. Used once, never opened, small stain.
  • “The guy who stole my diary just died. My thoughts are with his family.”
  • “They laughed at my crayon drawing. I laughed at their chalk outline.”
Hilarious Jokes That Will Make You Cry

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  • What gets sharper the more you use it but dull if you don’t use it at all? Students
  • What’s the difference between the ACT and SAT? One letter.
  • What do a school and a plant have in common? STEM.
  • What do you do if there is a kidnapping at high school? You wake him up.
  • I’m mostly “Peace, Love and Light” and a little “Go F*ck Yourself “

Hilarious Jokes for Kids

Q: What did the snowman say to the other snowman?
A: Do you smell carrots?

Q: Why can’t Cinderella play soccer?
A: Because she’s always running away from the ball.

Q: Why can’t you give Elsa a balloon?
A: She will Let It Go.


Q: Did you hear about the kidnapping in the park?
A: They woke him up.

Q: Why is there a fence around a cemetery?
A: People are dying to get in.

Q: What music frightens balloons?
A: Pop music.


Q: What did the policeman say to his belly button?
A: You’re under a vest.

Q: Why is Peter Pan always flying?
A: Because he never lands.

Q: How do you make a tissue dance?
A: Put a little boogie in it.


Q: Why was the broom late?
A: It over-swept.

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