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Are ghosts real? These 7 spine-chilling videos may change your thinking

Are ghosts real? If you are one of those who don’t believe in ghosts, wait till you see the videos mentioned below. These videos surely will keep you hooked and change your tune on ghosts. Although still there are many out there who think ghosts and supernatural ideologies are just a time pass. But in the past, there have been many instances where real ghosts have been caught on tape giving us chills and questioning our thinking. 

“Science and most organized religions really don’t tell you to believe in ghosts. And yet people believe in ghosts—this is folklore at its finest… Ghosts have an interesting role in that they are a really well-believed and well-discussed, but completely unofficial part of our culture,” says Tok Thompson, PhD, renowned folklorist, author, and professor of anthropology at the University of Southern California.

Ghosts have existed for a long period of time. You can find them in the Bible and even in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Thousands of stories have been written about them with real evidence. Coming to the 21st century, the huge popularity of say curiosity gave birth to many ghost hunter tv shows and movies. 

It’s just natural to think about death and the afterlife. What happens when we die or is there any life after death? Who wouldn’t want their special loved one to remain close to them even after death? These are a few questions that still come to everyone’s mind with no clear answers. 

Experts around the world believe ghosts are quite common in the paranormal world. One reason why so many believe in ghosts is that at one point or another every 1 in 3 people has experienced some sort of ghostly encounter in their life. 

And to keep the spirit alive we bring 7 ghost videos that will you chill to your spine- 

Are ghosts real? These 7 spine-chilling videos may change your thinking

Japanese Ghost Girl In Mirror

Exploring the Haunting

She’s sitting there!

Ghost screaming in a haunted hotel

Ghost in School

Possible Fallen Angel in Catalonia

What’s that??? A Ghost or a Yeti

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