Are Virtual Events Slowly Replacing the Real Deal?

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We live in a world that has been scarred by what we can now slowly start putting behind us: the coronavirus pandemic. However, despite the authorities’ best efforts, many people are still reluctant to return back to normal. With that in mind, you might be wondering if virtual events will completely replace face-to-face interactions.

While we understand why people are posing such a question, it’s important to put things into perspective and to analyze the two entities simultaneously to see the bigger picture and the small details at the same time. If you’re curious, we think that virtual events won’t replace the real deal, but rather transform it. Stick with us till the end for all the spicy details.

Fact: People Need Face-to-Face Interaction

You can be as introverted as you want, one day you’ll still want human interaction at one point unless you want to go insane. People are social creatures, and no one can realistically state otherwise, regardless of age, experiences, gender, beliefs, and other similar aspects.

Hell, people were looking forward to a simple trip to the grocery store back when the lockdowns were intense. So, yes, there’s no denying it, real events will never be fully replaced. Rather, virtual events will live alongside them. And we’ll also start seeing the advent of hybrid events. Speaking of which:

Hybrid Events Are the Better Option

If you want the best of both worlds, then going hybrid is the much more logical option. Going hybrid allows you to host social tables in virtual reality for those who can’t physically attend, and also set up a real stage for those who prefer to interact with the people that they want to network with.

Not only that but hybrid events offer attendees the possibility of being present at two keynotes or stages at the same time. That’s an advantage you can’t beat, especially if your attendees have multiple attention spans.

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Improvising Is a Lot Easier

When committing a mistake during an online event, it will always go noticed and possibly even be recorded by one of the participants and then posted online for everyone to see. Real events, however, are much more private in that sense, and you can improvise more easily in case something goes wrong.

Similarly, if a generator fails, for instance, you can still keep the audience entertained somehow during a live event, whereas with a strictly online one, you’d have to cut the transmission completely until the problem gets solved.

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Networking Is Done Much Better Live

Meeting new like-minded people online is great, but you can’t really get to know them until you have a face-to-face experience. In-person meetings allow you to analyze the other attendees much closer and on a more personal level. The same goes for them as well.

Without even realizing it, many people connect much better during live events rather than an online conference or social media. Sure, we can debate that introverted people are more comfortable meeting new folks on the internet rather than in reality. However, at one point or another, they’ll still want a face-to-face meeting.

You Can Keep Distractions at a Minimum

While conferencing on a laptop from the comfort of your home is much more convenient, there are bound to be a ton of distractions that you can’t control. Attendees might not even be able to focus because they’re paying more attention to their Facebook or Instagram notifications rather than to what you are presenting.

In the real world, however, you can keep any distractions out of your business by simply asking the participants to shut off their phones or, at the very least, leave them on silent and try to focus on what you are saying. Most people are too shy to stay on their phones when someone else is speaking, so you have a certain amount of control over the entire speech that you lack when choosing to pursue the online option. It’s as simple as that.

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