Are you using a card on someone else’s name? Easily find out with this trick

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In today’s time almost every human being uses mobile. SIM card is a very important thing. Cybercrime is also very high in the digital age. In such a situation, the police investigates and punishes on the basis of mobile number. So it is important that you know whether the SIM you are using is really in your name or not? Otherwise, someone else can trap you by fraudulently using your SIM. Now you may be wondering how can we find out in whose name the SIM is registered? There is nothing very difficult to do for this. Very easily you can find out under whose name the SIM card is registered.

If you also use mobile, then you should know that in whose name is the SIM card installed? Many times the number you have been using for years is not registered in your name.

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Many times your SIM is registered in the name of another human being. In such a situation, if someone else misses your number then you can get stuck. So it is very important that you know whether the SIM card being used is in your name or not.

You do not have to work very hard to know the name of the SIM card. With an easy trick you can find out whose name the SIM is. You do not even need to go anywhere.

SIM Card

Just download the mobile app of the company whose SIM card you are using. Today, Airtel is available on Jio, Vi’s App Play Store. Download it to your phone. However, BSNL users will not get this facility.

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When the app is downloaded from the Playstore, open it and give the requested permissions. You have to allow all permission. Then the app will be able to give you the correct information.

Now enter the mobile number in the app. An OTP will come on this. Verify by adding it. Now on the top of this app, the name will be seen under whose name the SIM card has been purchased. Let us know very easily that the SIM has been registered under whose name.

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