Ashura Mubarak 2022: Best Dua, Wishes, Quotes, Images, Messages, and Greetings, to share on the 10th Day of Muharram

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Ashura Mubarak: The second-most revered Islamic holiday, Muharram, falls on July 31 in the year 2022. Muharram, also known as Muharram-ul-Haram, is a month that, like Ramadan, is determined by the period of the moon’s sighting. Among the four holy months of the year, because fighting is prohibited, it’s the first month of the Islamic year or the Hijri calendar and has 354 or 355 days. The second holiest month after Ramadan is thought to be this one.

As a continuation of the Muharram grieving, Shia Muslims observe Ashura on the 10 days of Muharram to remember Imam Hussain. Imam Hussain is the Prophet’s great-grandson and son of Hazrat Ali. Moreover, Imam Hussain was killed in the Battle of Karbala on Ashura in 680 AD.

Warfare is prohibited during one of the four holy periods of the year. After Ramadan, it is considered to be the second most sacred period.

Muslims lament the death of Hussain and his household and remember them by praying and refraining from celebrating festive occasions. On the Ashura, Shia Muslims try to eat the least amount of food possible, although this is not considered to be fasting.

Alevis observe a 12-day fast, someday for each of Shia Israel’s 12 Imams, to remember and lament the Imams as if a particularly close family member had died suddenly. Some people (except for young children, the aged, and those who are ill) fast till Lawal (afternoon) as a way of honoring Hussain. Furthermore, the Ziyarat Ashura concerning Hussain is a significant ziyarat literature. It is customary in Shiaism to perform this ziyarat that day.

Islam regards Prophet Muhammad as a divine prophet, and Muslims refer to the period of Muharram as the “religious festival of Allah.” As a result, Muharram begins on 31 July in India, and on August 9 is Ashura, a significant day in the calendar when Imam Hussain, the Prophet Muhammad’s grandchild, was brutally murdered by enemy forces after being abandoned in the desert all without food or drink.

While the Sunni Muslims dedicate their day to fasting and screaming “Ya Hussain” or “Ya Ali,” the Shia Muslims lament the passing of Hussain by creating a sequence and striking themselves, a process called Qama Zani or Takbir.

Hey, great your loved ones Ashura Muabark with these best dua, wishes, quotes, images, messages, and greetings.

Best Dua, Wishes, Quotes, Images, Messages, and Greetings, to share on the 10th Day of Muharram on Ashura Mubarak

Ashura Mubarak 2022 Quotes

May Allah bless you during the month of Muharram. May he pave the way for the upcoming Islamic calendar year. Greetings for Muharram!

Ashura Mubarak 2022 messages

The day of Ashura is a day for fasting, repentance, and performing good deeds in remembrance of the victory of truth over falsehood.

Ashura Mubarak Quotes

May you observe the Aze-E-Hussain and participate in matam to remember his Iman on such a lovely occasion. A blessed Muharram to you!

Ashura 2022 Greetings

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