5 Astrological Benefits of Wearing Ruby Stone

Ruby stone is one of the most valuable gems! Ruby is the representative of the planet Sun! Which along with providing relief from negativities brings strength to the lucky moments in your life! Ruby Gemstone is a naturally occurring ruby or manik ratna of the mineral corundum family, which is chemically composed of aluminum, iron, chromium, and oxygen. Chromium gives natural pink to blood-red color to this gem. And its pink and red colors are the most attractive feature! The attractive appearance and strong spiritual properties of Ruby Gemstones increase energy and vitality! It is a very powerful gemstone, which can bring tremendous positive changes in your life.

When we think of red gemstones, the first and foremost thing that comes to mind is Manik or Manik Ratna. Ruby is a naturally occurring stone and its name is derived from the word ‘Rubus’! Which means red in Latin. It is considered one of the best gems in ancient Sanskrit writings. Kings and emperors have adorned their ornaments with these precious red stones! Giving high respect to the stone, this ruby stone is also called Ratnaraj!

Everyone wants to progress and prosper in life. People work very hard for this. But many times, people do not reach the place they deserve even after all their efforts and hard work. If you too are not getting success in your job or business even after all the efforts and hard work, then in such a situation you should take the advice of astrology.

Gems have deep effects on the human body. When light under certain conditions is passed through Ruby we get Ruby Laser which also happens to be the first laser. Therefore it is logical to conclude that if the properties of physical quantities like light or electricity are affected by precious stones human nature is also affected.

The Ratna Shastra, a branch of astrology dealing with the effects of precious stones reveals that some gems have been considered very miraculous. Wearing these gems removes the obstacles coming to progress. To reduce the effects of inauspicious planets in the horoscope and to increase the auspicious effects, a person is advised to wear gems. Ruby Ratna is one of these gems. Ruby Ratna has been considered an important gem in Gemology. Let us know about the benefits of wearing Ruby stone-

Ruby Stone Benefits

1. Ruby Ratna Will Help Your Career Progress

According to gemology, if you are facing job-related problems then you should wear ruby stone. It is also called Manik Ratna. This gem will prove beneficial for you. Ruby helps the person make timely and correct decisions which will help increase profits and augment in the career prospects of the person.

2. Ruby Ratna Is Helpful In Building Leadership Quality

According to Ratna Shastras, the person who wears Ruby Ratna achieves supreme confidence to lead from the front as a true leader. Also, he gets a lot of support and appreciation from his colleagues who are in awe of his qualities and feel confident that he will lead them to success. Ruby, worn according to the star sign after proper horoscope analysis will open the gates to success and will make the person super confident.

3. Ruby Ratna Helps Boost Self-Confidence

According to Ratna Shastra, wearing Ruby stone increases self-confidence in a person. According to astrology, the personality of the person who wears it gets enhanced. Also, wearing it improves eyesight and blood circulation. Wearing the correct stone gives the extra fillip to the person and in today’s highly competitive world this extra push is all that is needed to propel the person ahead of his compatriots. As the adage goes-Luck Favors the brave and confident. A boost in self-confidence is a sure key to success.

4. Ruby Ratna Is Helpful In the Resolution Of Ailments

This gem is considered good for people with weak Sun. Apart from this, ruby gemstone is very beneficial for the person who is suffering from problems like jaundice, diarrhea, and high and low blood pressure. Wearing a Ruby stone augments the efficacy of the medicines and helps the doctor with a better prognosis. The Ruby stone has a synergistic effect on the efficacy of the medicines which are being taken for a particular disease. Another aspect of Ruby is that it augments the immunity of the person.

5. Ruby Ratna Helps Maintain Bone Integrity

According to Gemology, wearing Ruby makes bones strong. Apart from this, it helps in getting rid of skin-related diseases.

As Ruby Ratna is related to Sun. In such a situation, worshiping the Sun by wearing a ruby stone gives double the results. Wearing ruby stones gives relief from diseases like heart disease, eye disease, and bile disorders. Bright and positive energy resides inside you like the sun. You get success on every path in life. There is the communication of happiness and prosperity in the house.

Who can wear Ruby?

According to astrologers, it is beneficial to wear Ruby stones as per kundali analysis. However, in general, wearing ruby in Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius ascendant is considered auspicious. Similarly, ruby stone can be worn when Sun is in the eleventh house, tenth house, ninth house, fifth house, or eleventh house of wealth. Its auspicious results are seen. On the other hand, Virgo, Capricorn, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius ascendant people should avoid wearing ruby stones.

Keep These Things In Mind

According to astrologers, ruby stones should always be red or pink. It is auspicious to wear it in gold or copper metal. While meditating in the afternoon on Sunday, a ruby stone should be worn on the ring finger. Before wearing Manik Ratna, the ring should be cleaned with cow’s milk and Ganges water. After this, it should be worn along with Surya Mantra.


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