At 11 years old, Dakota Fanning received her first mobile phone as a gift from Tom Cruise

Los Angeles, April 15 (IANS) Hollywood star Tom Cruise has been sending actress Dakota Fanning a birthday gift every year since giving her a Motorola Razr for her 11th birthday after they starred together in 2005’s ‘War of the Worlds’.

In a joint interview with her co-star Andrew Scott, Fanning revealed that Cruise has been thoughtful in continuing to send her birthday gifts every year. She mentioned that receiving the phone from Cruise at such a young age made her feel incredibly excited, even though she didn’t have anyone to call or text back then. Scott humorously commented that Cruise had never given him anything.

Aside from Cruise’s annual gifts, Fanning also shared that she received a memorable gift from Kurt Russell during the early days of her career. While appearing in another magazine series with Andrew, she mentioned that Russell gave her a horse as a wrap gift for their work together on the film ‘Dreamer’. Andrew joked that it could be the premise for her autobiography titled ‘Kurt Russell Gave Me a Horse: The Dakota Fanning Story’.

Fanning’s anecdotes about the generous gestures from Hollywood icons like Cruise and Russell showcase the bond and relationships that can form in the industry. The actress has fond memories of these gifts and the connections she has made throughout her career.



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