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Audi to Simplify Naming System by Dropping Powertrain-Based Nomenclature



Audi to ditch powertrain-based nomenclature, moving to a simpler system

Audi to Ditch Powertrain-Based Nomenclature, Moving to a Simpler System

Audi is simplifying its naming strategy as it moves towards a future of electric mobility. The German luxury car giant is ditching the numbers associated with vehicles’ powertrain output to streamline its lineup. This change is evident with the newly introduced Audi Q6 E-Tron.

The system of powertrain output-linked naming was introduced by Audi back in 2017. This system involved adding a dual-digit number between the core nameplate and the engine type to denote different power output variants, like 40 TFSI, 45 TFSI, etc. However, Audi is now moving away from this strategy as it embraces electric vehicles in its portfolio.


Florian Hauser, Audi’s head of sales and product marketing for EVs, mentioned that the Q6 E-Tron marks the beginning of the brand’s shift from the number-linked naming system. This move is in line with Audi’s plan to streamline the number of powertrains as it transitions towards pure electric vehicles. The new naming culture aims to bring simplicity and coherence to Audi’s lineup, focusing on a lean engine program for the Q6.

While Audi will continue to use the RS prefix for performance cars under the new naming regime, it has not specified when the powertrain-based numbers will completely disappear from its range. The automaker’s decision reflects its commitment to a more straightforward naming system aligned with its electric future.


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