Who is Austin Ekeler’s Girlfriend? Who Is The American Football Running Back Dating?

Who is Austin Ekeler?

So, let’s talk about Austin Ekeler, the dynamo of the football field, the whirlwind in cleats, the man who runs faster than your grandma chasing after her runaway cat. This guy is not just another NFL player; he’s a legend in the making, a gridiron gladiator who makes defenders question their life choices. Born on May 17, 1995, in Lincoln, Nebraska, Ekeler was destined for greatness from the moment he learned to walk.

Austin Ekeler Career

But let’s rewind a bit to his early days. Before Ekeler was breaking ankles on the field, he was tearing up the high school scene at Eaton High School in Eaton, Colorado. As the wide receiver for The Fightin’ Reds, he racked up over 5,000 rushing yards and 71 touchdowns. And yeah, you heard that right, 71 touchdowns! But despite his gridiron heroics, he was rated as a zero-star recruit. Zero stars? Seriously, what were those scouts smoking?

Then came college, where Ekeler took his game to Western Colorado University from 2013 to 2016. The man was a beast on the field, earning titles like RMAC Freshman Player of the Year and First-team All-RMAC for all four seasons. He left a trail of broken tackles and shattered records in his wake, amassing 5,857 rushing yards and 55 touchdowns. Talk about leaving your mark!

Now, let’s fast forward to the big leagues. The Los Angeles Chargers saw something special in Ekeler and snatched him up as an undrafted free agent in 2017. And boy, did he prove them right! He’s been making defenders look silly ever since, signing multi-million dollar contracts and leaving a trail of broken dreams in his wake.

Is Austin Ekeler Dating Anyone?

But wait, there’s more to Ekeler’s story than just touchdowns and highlight reels. Behind every great man is a great woman, right? So, who’s the lucky lady in Ekeler’s life? Well, folks, it’s none other than the lovely Melanie Wilking!

Who is Austin Ekeler’s Girlfriend?

Now, let’s talk about Melanie. She’s not just your average girl next door; she’s a dancer, a TikToker, and the woman who stole Ekeler’s heart. The two lovebirds tied the knot on May 25, 2024, in a lavish ceremony in Las Vegas surrounded by 138 of their nearest and dearest. Talk about a touchdown celebration!

Austin Ekeler Family: Parents

But let’s not forget about Ekeler’s family. He’s got his mom, Suzanne Ekeler, to thank for his incredible talent and tenacity. She’s been his biggest cheerleader from day one, even though his biological father is about as absent as a Cleveland Browns Super Bowl ring. But hey, who needs a deadbeat dad when you’ve got a kick-ass mom like Suzanne?

Height and Weight

And let’s not overlook Ekeler’s physical prowess. Standing at a solid 1.78 meters and weighing in at a rock-solid 91 kilograms, he’s built like a brick wall with legs. Seriously, have you seen those guns? They’re bigger than most linebackers’ thighs!

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