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Australian PM Ready to Collaborate with China to Find Common Interests




Ready to work with China to seek common interests: Australian PM

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese emphasized the importance of seeking common interests in Australia-China relations during a meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Canberra. Wang Yi is currently on an official visit to New Zealand and Australia.

Albanese expressed Australia’s willingness to maintain close high-level exchanges with China and deepen cooperation in various fields. He also reiterated Australia’s commitment to the One-China policy.

Wang Yi noted the positive direction of Australia-China relations in recent years and highlighted the progress made in overcoming obstacles and resolving outstanding issues. He expressed China’s willingness to work with Australia to promote exchanges and cooperation.


Both leaders emphasized the need to manage differences with mutual respect and work towards building a more mature and stable comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Australia. They discussed resuming dialogue mechanisms and deepening cooperation in various fields.

The meeting underscores the ongoing efforts to strengthen bilateral ties and promote cooperation between Australia and China. The leaders’ commitment to overcoming challenges and seeking common ground reflects a positive shift in the Australia-China relationship.


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