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WATCH: Axis My India MD Pradeep Gupta broke into tears on LIVE TV, consumer data intelligence company’s exit poll was miles away from reality

Exit Polls for the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 went horribly wrong and have become the butt of memes which have flooded the social media.

One such exit poll which was conducted by Axis My India forecasted that the NDA could win over 400 seats in the Lok Sabha and seemed to echo PM Modi’s clarion call of ‘Abki Baar 400 Paar”.

However, the reality is that BJP alone was not able to muster a simple majority alone and NDA has not even reached the 300 mark.

Axis My India MD Pradeep Gupta Crying on LIVE TV

MD Pradeep Gupta of Axis My India was seen crying on LIVE TV when he was interviewed by journalists Rajdeep Sardesai and Rahul Kanwal.

Journalists Rajdeep Sardesai and Rahul Kanwal were hosting a discussion of the 2024 Lok Sabha result on India Today when Axis My India MD Pradeep Gupta broke into tears on LIVE TV and the reason- the consumer data intelligence company’s exit poll was miles away from reality.

Both Sardesai and Kanwal tried to console Mr. Pradeep Gupta that exit polls can go wrong but he was overwhelmed by emotions.

Mr. Pradeep Gupta hid his face and it seemed he was sobbing even after Kanwal tried to calm him down with raison d’être.

Axis My India had forecast that the Congress might win between 60 to 76 seats and BJP would win between 322 to 340 seats, an increase from the 303 seats they won in 2019.

The exit poll predicted that NDA allies would get 39 to 61 seats. However in reality the BJP is leading in 240 seats and the INDIA bloc is leading in 230 seats.

It is unlikely that the BJP will cross the simple majority mark of 272 on its own.

The INDIA bloc has performed very well in the state of UP and is leading in 39 seats out of 80. It is also leading in 27 seats in Maharashtra while PM Modi’s party is leading in 20 out of 40 seats.

In Rajasthan also INDIA is leading in 11 out of 25 seats while the BJP is leading in 14. The only solace for the BJP is in Odisha where it has unseated the BJD led by Naveen Patnaik.

Also, its NDA partner Chandra Babu Naidu has regained power in AP and will form the next government. The NDA has done extremely well in the Hindi Heartland of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Bihar.

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