Ayushmann Explains How ‘Akh Da Taara’ Allowed Him to Explore Diverse Sounds

Bollywood star Ayushmann Khurrana revealed his inspiration behind the recently released song ‘Akh Da Taara’. The actor shared a BTS video from the making of the song, expressing his excitement and nervousness about trying a new genre.

In the video, Ayushmann can be seen in various outfits and inside the recording room during the vocal recording session. He described the synth-pop track as high-energy and different from the love songs he usually sings, showcasing his anticipation for this new venture.

‘Akh Da Taara’ delves into the stages of grief, with Ayushmann’s character in the music video undergoing personal transformation. The song features a neon color palette to evoke feelings of dystopia and destruction, leaving much of its meaning open to individual interpretation.


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