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Barmer Lok Sabha seat to see three-way competition between BJP, Congress, and Independent candidate

Jaipur, April 9 (IANS) The Barmer-Jaisalmer seat in Rajasthan is witnessing a tough triangular contest between the BJP-Congress and an Independent candidate for the Lok Sabha election, with 11 candidates in the fray. Voters are gearing up as the battle intensifies.

In 2014, a similar scenario unfolded with a tight contest between Congress, BJP, and an Independent candidate. BJP leader Narayan Panchariya expressed confidence in the party’s performance, citing Modi government’s policies as a key factor in their favor.

The Congress, on the other hand, is banking on Ummeda Ram Beniwal, a former RLP member, to secure victory in the region. Congress General Secretary Swarnim Chaturvedi believes Beniwal’s switch to Congress will attract additional votes, ensuring success in the elections.

Meanwhile, Independent candidate Ravindra Bhati, a young MLA promising employment opportunities and better education in Barmer, is also confident of his prospects. Star campaigners from both BJP and Congress are actively engaging with voters in the region ahead of the elections.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to address a rally in Barmer on April 12, aiming to garner support for the BJP candidates. With 226,237 voters in 8 Assembly constituencies of Barmer Lok Sabha seat, the political atmosphere is charged as the election draws near.

The final list of candidates for the Barmer seat includes Ummeda Ram Beniwal (Congress), Kailash Choudhary (BJP), Leela Ram (BSP), Prabhuram Goyal (Aazad Samaj Party) and Independent candidates like Ravindra Singh Bhati, Tararam Mehna, Devi Lal Jain, among others. The stage is set for a fierce battle as the election date approaches.


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