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Barry Hearn Net Worth 2024: How Much is the Former Chairperson of the Professional Darts Corporation Worth?

Who is Barry Hearn?

If you’ve ever wondered who’s the maestro orchestrating the symphony of sporting events like darts, snooker, and boxing, then Barry Hearn is your man. Picture this: a dynamic Englishman with the business acumen to make Wall Street jealous and the charisma to charm even the toughest sports enthusiasts. Barry Hearn isn’t just a name; he’s a brand, a legend in the world of sports promotion. From humble beginnings to rubbing shoulders with the biggest names in the game, Barry has built an empire that’s as awe-inspiring as it is entertaining.

Barry Hearn Career

Barry’s career reads like a Hollywood script, only better because it’s real. He didn’t just stumble into success; he crafted it with the precision of a snooker player sinking the final black ball. Starting with a snooker hall in Romford in the ’70s, Barry made waves in the sporting world by promoting snooker on TV. With a knack for spotting talent and a keen eye for business opportunities, he soon became the manager of the legendary Steve Davis, taking the snooker world by storm.

But Barry didn’t stop there; oh no, he had bigger fish to fry—literally! In ’87, he ventured into the world of boxing, managing the likes of Lennox Lewis and Steve Collins. He introduced the Prizefighter series, a knockout tournament that had boxing fans on the edge of their seats. And if that wasn’t enough, Barry decided to revolutionize darts, becoming the chairman of the Professional Darts Corporation and turning it into a global phenomenon.

Barry Hearn’s Net Worth

Now, let’s talk about the big bucks—Barry’s net worth. Drumroll, please! As of 2024, the man himself is swimming in a sea of wealth, with an estimated net worth of £158 million. Yes, you read that right. That’s enough cash to make even Scrooge McDuck jealous! And if rumors are to be believed, the Hearn family’s combined net worth could be north of £200 million. That’s enough to buy a few snooker halls and boxing rings, wouldn’t you say?

Barry Hearn Age

Ah, the age-old question: how old is Barry Hearn? Well, as of 2022, Barry is a sprightly 74 years young. Born on June 19, 1948, in Dagenham, England, he’s proof that age is just a number. With the energy of a teenager and the wisdom of a sage, Barry continues to conquer the sporting world one event at a time.

Barry Hearn Family: Husband and Children

Behind every successful man is a surprised woman, or so the saying goes. In Barry’s case, that woman is Susan, his lovely wife. Together, they’ve raised two children—Eddie and Katie—who’ve inherited their father’s passion for sports. Eddie has followed in his father’s footsteps, carving out a name for himself as a top sports promoter. As for Katie, well, let’s just say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Barry Hearn Height and Weight

When it comes to Barry’s height, he’s a towering figure at around 6 feet 2 inches. As for his weight, well, let’s just say he’s as light as a feather… or at least that’s what he’d like us to believe!

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