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Battle for Buxar intensifying in Lok Sabha elections

The battle for Buxar in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections has taken an interesting turn with the presence of Independent candidates like Dadan Singh Yadav alias Dadan Pahalwan and retired IPS officer Anand Mishra. The seat, dominated by Brahmins and Rajputs, sees a new dynamic with these candidates disrupting the caste equations of BJP and RJD.

Dadan Pahalwan, a key figure in Buxar District, has a history of challenging the core vote bank of the RJD. With experience as an Independent candidate and a brief stint with the JD(U), he has consistently cut into the Yadav vote bank in previous elections.

Anand Mishra, a former IPS officer, hailing from Buxar, took VRS in hopes of a BJP ticket but was not chosen. His entry as an Independent candidate adds another layer to the electoral landscape, potentially impacting the BJP’s upper-caste votes in the constituency.

The native candidates’ representation in Buxar, with Mithilesh Tiwari and Sudhakar Singh not belonging to the district, contrasts with Dadan Pahalwan and Anand Mishra who have roots in the area. Mishra’s commitment to the district’s development and law and order might resonate with voters.

With the caste equation in Buxar consisting of a significant number of Brahmin, Yadav, Rajput, Bhumihar, and Muslim voters, the entry of independent candidates like Dadan Pahalwan and Anand Mishra adds an intriguing element to the electoral dynamics. The support they garner could potentially sway the outcome of the elections.


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