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BBC Accuses Hindu Hierarchy For Crime Against Hindus Like Rape and Murder of Dalit Women When Culprits Are Hafiz, Sohail, and Junaid

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To further its covert objective and promote its political agenda, the BBC has yet again resorted to its technique of broadcasting false information. According to BBC’s reporting on the murder and rape of 2 Dalit sisters, two girls were singled out as they were Dalits, who were “at the bottom of a severely oppressive Hindu hierarchy.”

The purposeful omission of the identities of the culprits, which was disclosed by the police shortly after it happened, shows the official British broadcaster’s commitment to using sophisticated methods to advance its agenda. Factual contradictions exist in the BBC story of the incident. One is that even though the police had publicly proclaimed the identities of the convicted, they did not report them.

BBC Blaming Hindus For Crime Against Hindus

Following their barbaric murders of the Dalit girls, the Uttar Pradesh Police detained six people: Karimuddin, Hafiz, Arif, Sohail, Chhotu alias Gautam, and Junaid. Additionally, BBC made an effort to subtly blame Hindus for crimes against Hindus. The girls, both under 18, belong to the Dalit caste, which is at the bottom of a severely discriminatory Hindu social structure, it was plainly stated.

“Hindu hierarchy” As Criminal Activity

By portraying Hindus as “highly discriminatory,” the BBC was trying to suggest that the event happened due to the obvious “Hindu hierarchy” rather than because of criminal activity perpetrated by individuals who had previously been apprehended by the police.

Prosecutions have been made, according to the BBC report. The identities of the suspects were revealed during the press conference where the UP Police announced the arrests to the public. In other words, the BBC was well completely aware of the apprehended suspects and also that the offense was not perpetrated as a result of the “Hindu caste structure.” The identities of the arrested suspects were purposefully omitted from their report as they continued to spread false information.

The fast response undertaken by the Uttar Pradesh cops has been the target of attempts by the BBC to raise doubt. To assess the validity of the interaction with UP Police, the official British media stated it in quotes. Additionally, the report states that “there is strong skepticism of the authorities among the Dalit community,” which suggests that the police, who apprehended the criminals within moments of the incident, were unreliable since BBC was not persuaded.

The BBC has a history of reporting India-specific issues unfavorable. Numerous times, the British network has presented misleading info under the guise of genuine news and reputable journalism.

The BBC was attempting to gently propagate the conspiracy theory that the atrocity was done by the Hindu higher castes against Dalits by purposefully omitting the identification of the perpetrators and inserting words like “Hindu hierarchy” while highlighting the Dalit backgrounds of the victims.

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