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10 Bengali Hot Web Series To Check Out For A Sensual Watch

Bengali cinema-produced web series is a treat to the eyes, coming to the scenes, storyline, and sensual content. Bengali web series can be funny and sometimes stereotypical. But if you want to break free for a night while you’re with your partner on a date night, or even if you’re alone and want some sexy time, there are some hot web series. Below are 10 Bengali hot web series for you to check out.

10 Bengali Hot Web Series:

1. Charitraheen

Bengali Hot Web Series

Based on the infamous Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay novel. It’s a story about the life of a couple, these two get along with other people, it’s based on their sense of love and their steamy romantic scenes.

Cast:Naina Ganguly
Saurav Das
Soumendra Bhattacharya
Crew:Director: Debaloy Bhattacharya
Where to Watch:Jio Cinema, Amazon Prime video

2. Dupur Thakurpo

Top Bengali Hot Web Series

Swastika Mukherjee plays the role of Uma in this series, she is the newlywed wife of Jiban Babu. In a turn of events, she’s the one who makes 6 tenants of her husband infatuated with her. All of them start fantastic on their ‘boudi’.

Cast:Soumendra Bhattacharya
Swastika Mukherjee
Crew:Director: Debaloy Bhattacharya
Where to Watch:Amazon Prime Video, Hoichai

3. Paap

Best Bengali Hot Web Series

Two murderers roam around in a crowded Durga puja night, they stumble inside a 200-year-old abandoned house. An unexpected bo*ld and hot gues enter the house and quickly changes the eerie mood to something sexy and steamy, still keeping the thriller genre intact.

Cast:Puja Banerjee
Roy Angana
Priyanka Mondal
Crew:Director: Anupam Hari
Where to Watch:Amazon Prime Video, Hoichai, Jio Cinema

4. Hello

Sexy Bengali Hot Web Series

Raima’s character suddenly gets an MMS of her being sexually involved with someone else. Anonyo is married to Nandiat but is an extra martial with Nina. As the story unfolds, Nina and Nandita get attracted to each other and a slow steamy relationship crawls up.

Cast:Raima Sen
Priyanka Sarkar
Joy Sengupta
Crew:Director: Anirban Mallick
Where to Watch:Amazon Prime Video, Hoichai, Jio Cinema

5. Mismatch

Hot Bengali Hot Web Series

Diana is stuck in a born funless marriage. The couple are in love, but their life is not as sexually active as it used to be. To spice things up, she tries to bring in more people in the relationship. Unfortunately, the couple who tagged along with Diana and her husband is way less compatible with each other.

Cast:Rachel White
Mainak Banerjee
Rajdeep Gupta
Crew:Director: Soumik Chattopadhyay
Where to Watch:Amazon Prime Video, Hoichai, Jio Cinema

6. One Night Stand

One Night Stand

A logistic actor decided to sleep with a model one night. She is hot, sultry, sexy, and absolutely his dream girl for the night. They spend a fun, sensual night together and the scenes are too hot to handle.

Cast:Saurav Das
Prriyam Chakraborty
Ambarish Banerjee
Crew:Director: Ambarish Banerjee
Where to Watch:

7. Japani Toy

Japani Toy

Dildo Kumara comes back to Kolkata from Delhi after a while. H has a start-up idea in his mind, of opening a sex toy shop in the heart of the city. The story unfolds in hilarious scenes of events and very hot scenes.

Cast:Rajat Ganguly
Kaushiki Guha
Rajdeep Gupta
Crew:Director: Soumik Chattopadhyay
Where to Watch:Amazon Prime Video, Hoichai

8. Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb

6 different hotel night sexually intimate stories, 6 different directors, 6 different experiences. It’s way different than any other storyline, but it unfolds the new things happening in the same room.

Cast:Manasi Parekh
Malhar Thakar
Happy Bhavasar
Crew:Director: Saandeep Patel
Where to Watch:mx Player

9. Oh Mother!

Oh Mother!

Diya is expecting a baby with Sourav. The couple visits her mother for some help and assistance during this period. They try to be more intimate with each other, but their mother turns out to be a hurdle in their life. They’re frustrated, but it’s fun to sneak around like the older times.

Cast:Bibriti Chatterjee
Anirjit Roy
Soumyadeep Bubbla Bhattacharya
Crew:Director: Shaket Banerjee
Where to Watch:Jio Cinema

10. Montu Pilot

Montu Pilot

Montu has a lifelong dream of becoming a pilot, he tries his best but is unable to fulfill the dream as his mother suffers from prostitution stress. After that Montu also carried his action out in the same area. The web series is full of sensual and bo*ld scenes which will make it hot and sweaty for the viewers!

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Cast:Saurav Das
Chandrayee Ghosh
Kanchan Mullick
Crew:Director: Debaloy Bhattacharya
Where to Watch:hoichai

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