The Best Esport Games That You Must Try for This Pandemic

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Are you tired of all day at home because of the Covid-19 pandemic? Play various best esport games that make your day even more fun! The Covid-19 pandemic has made you bored at home all day? Your activities at home are only sleep-eat-bath? From now on, create unlimited fun! Play various esports games, which will undoubtedly fill your spare time at home.

At the end of the decade, PC games are in great demand by many people, not limited by gender; anyone likes playing PC games. By offering very attractive cash prizes, intense tournament competition, and various pro players to play against, making esports is very popular.

In this Covid-19 Pandemic, you also can earn more money without going out from home by playing poker idn Online. Esports offers games with a well thought out strategy, where players have to pay attention to the game’s flow to understand the right strategy to use. So are you ready to battle against players around the world? Here are the various best esport games that you should try now!

Best Esport games that you should try to fill your spare time!

This esports game will “force you” to think about the right strategy to beat other players. Without a mature strategy, you will lose at the beginning of the match. Yes, esports is a video game that offers an exciting and not dull game storyline, plus various professional competitions and great players.

Four types of esports are currently favored by multiple people, such as first-person shooters (FPS), multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), real-time strategy (RTS), and fighting games. Here are the recommendations for the best esport games that you should try all day at home, and challenge other players worldwide!

Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) 2

Here comes the most popular MOBA game of all time! This game made by Valve already has millions of players, beginners to pro players, with various levels of existing standings.

This game requires careful strategic thinking, how you manage it, and four other players in one team are assigned to protect the base from the other team’s attacks. Not only be a defender, but you are also required to destroy the opponent’s base in various ways.

You will become a hero who has high strength with unique abilities, as a provision to kill other heroes. Not only thinking about the strategy to destroy the enemy base. You also have to think about the hero’s level and the right items to use so that your hero becomes stronger and the abilities used are genuinely perfect and optimal. What are you waiting for? Download this game and start playing with your friends to form the best strategy!


Do you like survival games? Fortnite can be the best video game that you should try. Released in 2017, this game is the best game for a shooter-survival game, where you have to survive to the end with existing weapons.

There are three types of Fortnite that you can try, namely Fortnite: Save the World, a survival game with four players who must destroy zombies and protect various important objects;

Fortnite Battle Royale, a battle royale game where you have to survive from up to 100 other players and fight until you become last-person standing; and

Fortnite Creative, where players are given the full opportunity to design worlds and battle arenas. If you like a survival mode, try playing Fortnite Battle Royale. Prepare your best weapon, and destroy the enemy carefully!

League of Legends

Almost the same as DOTA 2, League of Legends is one of the best esport games, offering a stunning gameplay sensation. One of the best MOBA games has a concept and gameplay that is almost the same as DOTA, namely guarding the base and attacking enemy bases.

You have to prepare all your ultimate skills and various item combinations to arrange in such away. Don’t forget to pay attention to the enemy using the existing map, determine the right time, and invite teamwork to attack the enemy base together. Cooperation is the first aspect of the game!


Love FPS multiplayer games? If so, you need to give this game a try. This game, made by Blizzard Entertainment, offers a different FPS sensation where players will be divided into six teams, and you choose one of the characters with their respective extraordinary abilities.

The team that is playing must save and secure control points on the map for a limited time. You are required to understand what strategies must be carried out.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

If you prefer the storyline like in real life, you can try this game. This FPS game provides exciting gameplay and an easy-to-understand storyline, where players will be divided into two parts: the Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist. If you become a Counter-Terrorist, you have to defuse a bomb and save the hostages, and vice versa.

Rocket League

Playing football with a car? Nothing is impossible! You can try one of the best esport games, like a soccer game! Coupled with the ultimate skill that a vehicle has, you can score as many goals as possible!

Those are the best esport games recommendations that you can try to fill your spare time at home! Immediately play your favorite game and reach the highest standings among others!

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