60+ Best Extremely Funny Thanksgiving 2021 Jokes to make you hilarious laugh

Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated in the countries like United States, Canada, Grenada, Saint Lucia, and Liberia. The significance of this day is to thank all the important people in your life and sacrifice for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. It is also celebrated in Germany and Japan.

It is also celebrated in Canada on the second Monday of October and in the United States and around the same part of the year in other places. It is a religious and cultural tradition and is also celebrated as a secular holiday.

Readout, here mentioned 60+ Best Extremely Funny Thanksgiving 2021 Jokes, which we have brought to make you hilarious laugh. You can also share these Funny Thanksgiving Jokes, Thanksgiving Jokes for Adults, Thanksgiving Humor Jokes, Thanksgiving Turkey Jokes to your friends, relatives and loved ones to great them a very Happy Thanksgiving in a very funny way.

Funny Thanksgiving Jokes

  • “What did the turkey say to the turkey hunter on Thanksgiving Day?” “Quack, Quack!”
  • “Why did the farmer have to separate the chicken and the turkey?” “He sensed fowl play.”
  • “What key has legs and can’t open a door?” “A turkey.”
  • “Why did they let the turkey join the band?” “Because he had his own drumsticks.”
  • “What happened to the turkey that got in a fight?” “He got the stuffing knocked out of him!”
  • “Why shouldn’t you sit next to a turkey at dinner?” “Because he will gobble it up.”
  • “If you call a big turkey a gobbler, what do you call a small one?” “A goblet.”

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Thanksgiving Jokes for Adults

  • Q: What did the turkey say to the turkey hunter on Thanksgiving Day?
    A: Quack, quack!
  • A young man who worked at a grocery store had just finished stocking the turkeys in the freezer when a woman approached and asked, “Excuse me, do these turkeys get any bigger?” “No ma’am,” he replied. “These turkeys are dead.”
  • Q: How do you win an argument with your family at Thanksgiving this year? A: Hit the “End Meeting” button.
  • A man called up his adult daughter and told her the bad news: He and his wife were getting a divorce. “But why, dad? What happened?” the daughter asked. “I’ve been miserable for years and I just can’t take it anymore. I’ve packed my bags and I’m leaving tonight!” the father replied.
  • “When I was a kid in Indiana, we thought it would be fun to get a turkey a year ahead of time and feed it and so on for the following Thanksgiving. But by the time Thanksgiving came around, we sort of thought of the turkey as a pet, so we ate the dog. Only kidding. It was the cat!” — Dave Letterman
  • I shot my first-ever turkey for Thanksgiving this year. Sure scared everyone in the grocery store, though.
  • So this guy checks into rehab the day after Thanksgiving. As it turns out, he just couldn’t quit cold turkey.
  • One Thanksgiving morning, a farmer walks into his house with a turkey under his arm. “This is the pig I’ve been sleeping with,” he says. “That’s a turkey,” his wife says. The man answers, “I wasn’t talking to you.”

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Thanksgiving Humor Jokes

  • What did Dad say when he was asked to say grace? “Grace.”
  • Why did Mom’s turkey seasoning taste a little off last year? She ran out of thyme.
  • What’s the official dance of Thanksgiving called? The turkey trot.
  • What’s one thing that you’ll have in common with a teddy bear on Thanksgiving? You’ll both be filled with stuffing.
  • What was the turkey suspected of? Fowl play.
  • What did the Pilgrim wear to dinner? A (har)vest.
  • What song should you listen to on Thanksgiving? “All About That Baste.”

Thanksgiving Turkey Jokes

  • Why did the turkey cross the road?
    The chicken had Thanksgiving off.
  • Why didn’t the turkey eat any food?
    Because he was already stuffed.
  • Did you hear about the turkey who lost a fight?
    He got the stuffing knocked out of him!
  • Why couldn’t dad stop moistening the turkey with juices?
    It appealed to his baster instincts.
  • What type of glass does a turkey drink from?
    A gobblet.
  • Can a turkey jump higher than the Empire State Building?
    Of course! Buildings can’t jump.
  • Why do turkeys only star in R-rated movies?
    Because they use fowl language!

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