Best Health Management Apps That You Should Be Aware Of

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Who doesn’t want to live a long, happy, and healthy long life! However, at times, due to the mismanagement of our daily routines, our health gets compromised leading to chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. So, motivate and encourage yourself to live a better life. To help you with that, there are many apps such as Fooducate, Headspace, and Home Workout. All you need to download these apps is a reliable and economical internet plan like the plans offered in Cox bundles. These health management apps come with many great features.

Having an app will allow you to track your food intake, record your daily workout routine, and have a look at the progress you’re making. All of these stats and metrics will encourage you to be mindful of what you eat, and when to exercise. The good news is that most of these apps are easily downloadable. They come with a user-friendly interface and video tutorials to guide you thoroughly. Here are some of the best health management apps:


Fooducate is a nutrition app that grades food items based on their nutritional value. You can easily make a selection that is beneficial for your health. The app will also enable you to track your daily meal plan and exercise routine etc. Most of the features are free. However, you will need to subscribe to its monthly or yearly subscription to get access to the full features.


If you’re into meditation, Headspace must be your go-to app for a list of guided meditations, emergency sessions to calm down, and various need-based programs. The app will also send notifications to you to breathe and relax. It’s quite interactive and its sessions will help you improve your levels of focus and concentration.

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Home Workout

If you’re conscious about your physical fitness, you must try Home Workout. It’s an excellent app for beginners who want to improve their body shape and curves. The app comes with many exercise routines to help you get lean or develop muscles. The app contains a large variety of exercises that include warm-ups, weight training, and strength training to name a few. All of them come with detailed instructions in the form of video guides, charts, and stats. Use this app to achieve your ideal weight in no time!


Lifesum is a highly personalized app that will empower you in achieving your weight goals seamlessly. The app will ask you about your fitness goals, height, gender, and weight. Then, it will provide you with recommendations based on this information. Once this is done, you can track your food intake and exercise routine on the app. It will share the progress with you regularly. Note that features such as tracking of food intake and exercise routine are free for everyone. However, for other features, you will need to pay a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription fee.


A very popular health app, MyFitnessPal will keep your diet in check. Its vast database of food items will enable you to keep a track of everything you eat. You can also integrate the app with other fitness apps. One of the best features of the app is that it shares the nutritional value of every food. Therefore, you can avoid meals rich in calories. The app also has a dedicated section for exercise enthusiasts.


MyTherapy is an excellent app for the elders particularly. It comes with various useful features to keep one’s health in check. The most useful feature is the pill reminder. This way, you will get a reminder so that you do not miss your daily medicinal dose. You can also share your routine medicines with your loved ones. They can also see if you’re taking the medicines on time or not. The app also comes with a very useful disease tracking feature. You can maintain a log of symptoms for diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, and diabetes. Later, you can share it with your physician for better treatment.

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Yoga Daily Fitness

Yoga Daily Fitness is a perfect fitness app for yoga lovers. So, if you’re into yoga, this app is a must. It will help you improve your health by trying out a variety of poses and exercises. These will help to improve the flexibility, strength, and fitness of your body. The app also provides several yoga routines that you can integrate with your daily work life. Yoga has many health benefits. It does not involve complex or difficult exercises. Therefore, even people with health issues can benefit from it. 

These apps cater to a diverse range of health requirements. By having them on your smartphone, you can manage your health and adopt a better and healthy lifestyle.

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