Best Mahesh Babu Hairstyle Looks of All-time

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Mahesh babu is one of the most versatile actors in the south film industry. Even after being in his late 40s, he looks much younger and maintained than his age. He can play college guy and no one can tell his age. Since his early day in the film industry, Mahesh has always kept his hair in a neat, sophisticated manner. Usually, he kept his hair short. 

As per reports, in his recently released movie Sarkaru Vaari Paata, director Parasuram encouraged him to grow his hair a bit weighted.

Best Mahesh Babu Hairstyle Looks of All-time

Mahesh Babu Hairstyle

During in early days, he always sported a short, cute haircut as the audience appreciated his childish looks. He was considered a milky boy of the south film industry. 

Nijam is still considered his best performance, he is portrayed as a cool next-door boy. 

Mahesh Babu Sarkaru Vaari Paata

The best part of Mahesh Babu is that never wore any kind of makeup or styled his hair with any kind of product. He shot the scene in his natural way. 

In one of his flick, he played the role of two identities one with a gangster vibe and the other of an undercover cop. For this, he sported a bit of long hair with a colored layer in the front. This was the first time he grew his hair a bit long. 

Happy Birthday Mahesh Babu hairstyles

Additionally, Athidi is required to play a rugged guy. He grew his hair long again and colored it in brown. All in all, he never let his sophisticated side get between the roles he played. 

After a break of 2 years, he was back on the silver screen with Khaleja. This time he sported a trendy hairstyle. Short gelled hair with a few scenes in buzzcut with spikes. 

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