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The Best Maps To Play In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Dust II

Set with a North African/ Middle Eastern theme, Dust II is one of the most well known maps in the entire first person shooter world. Maps To Play In Counter Strike, Everyone who has played Counter-Strike over the years has played on Dust II in one of its forms over the years, and its various callouts and locations are easily some of the most famous and recognisable ever produced by Valve Corporation. The Best Esport Games That You Must Try for This Pandemic

The map is essentially made up of three main straight corridors, with two of them leading to the bombsites and the other leading through mid and a quick way of rotating from or to either site.

It’s not the most complex map in the pool to play or understand, and the recent changes to bombsite B’s double doors certainly makes the angles and entry all the more easy to work out, but there are still a good few things that make that Dust II competitively viable and a popular pick for professional orgs.

For starters, it’s immense popularity within the scene means that the skill ceiling is especially high for the competitive pool, the sniping spots down long and middle are always highly contested and offer very little room for error, and bombsite B remains arguably the toughest spot to retake in all of CS:GO, even with the changes to double doors. Things To Avoid When Playing Online Gaming


One look at HLTV’s official stats will show just how popular of a pick Nuke is as a map for the top tier teams in competitions. And playing even a couple of times on the map will show exactly why this is. 

With its unique design, close finishes and high skill ceiling, Nuke is one of CS:GO’s most ambitious maps. It has the unique feature of housing two bombsites on top of one another on different levels, rather than on opposite ends like in most other maps. This makes rotations between 

The setting of a nuclear power plant is also another great unique theme present for the map, with the journey both sides take from outside the plant, through the corridors and into either site makes this feel far more like a real high stakes adventure rather than just a simple shooter showdown that other maps convey. 

The map is also extremely volatile at times in favor of the CTs, adding a different sort of dimension in a matchmaking fixture. Ts will be on the hunt for anything 6 rounds on a half, whilst CTs will enter the game already feeling the pressure of needing to rack up the points on their side as efficiently as possible, both of which make for a tantalizing prospect for those players who want to go pro and bet on yourself playing games in CS. 


Vertigo is the latest map to be added into the competitive CS:GO map pool, replacing Cache in April 2018, and it’s fair to say that it hasn’t always been one of the community’s favourites. Set high up in the clouds in a skyscraper’s building site, it sees the Ts attempting to scale the building and ransack it for all it’s worth. 

Vertigo is divisive for a good couple of reasons, however the biggest one is that every single noise is audible to both sides irregardless of where they are positioned on the map at the time. Given that CS has always been a game that has rewarded players and teams who can silently skulk and work their way through their takes, plants and rotations. For pro players in particular, who invest hundreds upon hundreds of hours of time into mastering this way of playing, this went against everything they loved about the game. 

Nevertheless, Valve preserved and has continued to adjust and change the map to better suit play at the top level of professional Counter-Strike. Ever since the second half of 2020, Vertigo has seen a bit of a reassessment from the CS community, being played more and more and even becoming a bit of a specialist mad for respected orgs such as Team Liquid, MAD Lions and Ninjas in Pyjamas for a time. 9 reasons why online games have become so popular

Bombsite B is still a bit of a problem, some of the smokes and molotovs need to be better refined, but the ever-evolving meta of Vertigo has it gains more and more popularity makes this one of the most interesting maps to follow for CS fans and Maps To Play In Counter Strike.

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