20 Best Funny Surprised Pikachu Memes (2022 Collection)

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In today’s world, nothing would be considered famous until they are turned into a meme. It’s not possible to scroll Instagram without seeing office memes. The office series is one of the most popular memes you ever come across on social media. Besides the office, Pikachu is the most loved character when it comes to memes. 

Our whole childhood is filled with the memories of Pokemon cartoons, card games, water bottle, bags, and many other things. 

First, let’s into how this iconic character was born. 

Pikachu is a first-of-its-kind character from the hit cartoon Pokémon along with Pokémon’s official mascot. It looks like a squirrel but more like monster form. He made his first appearance in the series’ first episode when he was electrocuted by the trainer Ash Ketchum. Instantly due to his special powers and looks he became famous all over the world. Around 2018 Poppoko Tumblr started posting surprised Pikachu memes and the outcome was quite predictable, it went wild. 

He was also one of the characters that were part of Pokémon’s original series. He used to hide in Viridian Forest- a type of forest depicted in the cartoon where useless bug-type characters used to live. However, Pikachu was the electric-type character that can be used against other strong Bird Pokémon types. 

Sooner Pikachu became so popular that he became a part of Nintendo’s most important characters, right next to Mario and Link. Plus he was a part of the original roster members in Super Smash Bros., a fighting game that consisted of Nintendo’s most famous characters. Due to his popularity was a part of every Pokémon promotional merch. If you follow  Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade then you would definitely notice Pikachu balloons. 

25 Best Surprised Pikachu Memes

1. OK, Boomer

Pikachu Memes

2. Yes, Pikachu, I’m also shocked.

Best Pikachu Memes

3. Just five more minutes.

Pokemon Memes

4. How much is kombucha these days?

Pokemon Cartoon

5. Stay in there, thing I no longer remember!

Pikachu Cartoon

6. Ryan Reynolds, say it’s not true!

Surprise Pikachu Meme

7. Sorry boss, we’re gonna be late again.

Pickachu Best Meme

8. Not the babe with the power!

Goblin King Pickachu Meme

9. Pika pika!

Pika Pika

10. What if we give you snacks instead?

Pickachu Corporate Meme

11. Bad kitty!

Cat Pickachu Meme

12. Next you’re gonna say we can’t trust Daenerys either.

Pickachu Best memes

13. OMG no way. Becky, you won’t believe what my horoscope said this week.

14. Well well well, look at what we have here. If it isn’t the consequence of my actions.

15. That movie popcorn gets us every time.

16. That’s weird.

17. Why didn’t you warn me?

18. It’s still going strong.

19. Pikachu Karen wants to speak with your manager.

20. Seems logical.

We hope you’ve loved reading our collection of 20 best surprised Pikachu memes.

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