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Big News: New coronavirus strain found in Indore

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The arrival of a new strain of coronavirus in a person who came to Indore from Britain caused a stir in the city. The new strain has been identified as 1.1.7. The patient’s condition is normal. According to the doctors, the new strain is also Covid-19 and has got a mutation.

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The report from Delhi on Thursday confirmed a new corona strain in the patient. It is being told that the sample of the infected in which a new strain has been found was sent to the lab in Delhi 14 days ago for examination.

It is noteworthy that more than 100 people from Britain were investigated recently. 2 of these were found to be corona infected.

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So far, 6.97 lakh people have been screened in the city, out of which more than 56 thousand people have been found corona infected.

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