10 Vibrant Bihu Rangoli Designs to Brighten Your Festivities

Bihu Rangoli Designs- Bihu is a festival that gets celebrated in Assam. It’s the festival of harvesting new crops of the year and eating them for the first time.

Before people eat the grains, they are usually given to the gods as a mode of offering and asking for love and more harvests in the fields.

In this festival, people also dress up, pray to gods, and enjoy time with their friends and family. Bihu is a very famous celebration and it is intertwined with the farming cycles of their regional calendar. This year, Bihu has fallen on April 14th.

A bonfire is usually set, and people sing and dance around the fire. The traditional dances are done, and also the dhol gets played to create the beats. It’s a unique regional celebration which is celebrated in Assam with friends and family.

Regional dishes, sweets, and fruits are cut into pieces which are given to the gods and then served as prasad to the people. Children and adults alike take part in the celebrations and the preparation of the festivities.

Rangoli helps to brighten up the places, and it is also made near the puja area in order to make it more culturally and religiously significant.

And in order to decorate the house and make it festival-ready, people generally use rangoli and draw that in their houses.

In this article, we have mentioned 10 best Bihu rangoli designs which you can follow and decorate your house.

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10 Bihu Rangoli Designs:

1. Peacock Bihu Rangoli Design

Credit: Pinterest

2. Bright

Credit: Pinterest

3. Ladies Bihu Rangoli Design

Credit: Pinterest

4. Kite

Credit: Pinterest

5. Krishna

Credit: Pinterest

6. Pretty

Credit: Pinterest

7. Diya Bihu Rangoli Design

Credit: Pinterest

8. Pink

Credit: Pinterest

9. Leaves Bihu Rangoli Design

Credit: Pinterest

10. Cow Bihu Rangoli Design

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