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Bird Flu: Confusion about eating chicken and eggs during bird flu? Know WHO’s opinion

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Bird Flu: Due to the occurrence of bird flu (H5N1 virus) in some states of India, caution is being advised against eating chicken and eggs. In states like Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala and Gujarat, about 25 thousand ducks, crows and other birds have died under suspicious circumstances.

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This has dealt a major blow to the meat industry. But since the virus can spread from infected birds to humans, there is panic among people. Doctors say that there is no need to panic, rather the disease is likely to spread to those who keep poultry or live near infected birds.

Can I eat Meats and Eggs during Bird Flu – (Know What WHO Says)

The World Health Organization says that eating meats and eggs is safe as long as you are eating it completely by cleaning it and cooking it. When we cook meat at normal temperature, its viruses die. Since the virus is sensitive to heat, it dies on cooking.

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WHO said, ‘Keeping in mind the precautions, it is advised that poultry, its products and wild birds should be cleaned properly before cooking and the chicken should be cooked properly.’ World Health Organization said, infection from infected birds to humans occurs only when these birds are harvested at home before cooking. This may increase the risk of bird flu in humans, so it is advised to stay away from it.

The essence of all these things is that in view of bird flu, we should be careful about eating chicken, turkey, and eggs. Do not cut the chicken at home. Clean it well before cooking and eat it only after it is fully cooked.

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Make chicken with these precautions – avoid contact with live hens and poultry birds and wear masks and gloves before going to such markets. Wash the chicken thoroughly and cook until it boils well. After washing raw chicken or touching the egg, wash your hands thoroughly with clean water and soap.

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