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BJP leader Amit Malviya Slaps Defamation Lawsuit Of Rs 10 crores on RSS member who made sexual exploitation allegations

After BJP Leader Amit Malviya was accused of sexual exploitation he slapped a Rs 10 crore defamation suit against the RSS member who had made the accusations.

The opposition Congress was quick to take up the issue and its leader Supriya Shrinate has asked the BJP to remove Malviya from his post.

She added that it is very unfortunate that hours after the swearing-in of PM Modi for the third term this allegation of sexual misconduct by a senior politician of the BJP has come out.

Amit Malviya is the head of the BJP IT cell and the allegation was made by a member of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Santanu Sinha who accused him of sexually exploiting women.

Amit Malviya Slaps Defamation Lawsuit Of Rs 10 crores on Santanu Sinha

Malviya has sent a legal notice to Sinha calling the allegations false and baseless.

The Notice Read:

“The nature of allegations are extremely offensive in as much as, they falsely allege sexual misconduct purportedly committed by my client. The same is fatally injurious to the dignity and reputation of my client who, by virtue of his professional profile, is a public figure.”

The notice from Malviya to Santanu continues,

“I, the undersigned, therefore call upon you to issue a public apology and take down/remove your defamatory statement(s) given against my client across all public platforms within three (3) days of receipt of this legal notice, failing which my client will be constrained to take appropriate legal action against you, including prosecuting you for civil and criminal defamation at your risk and cost.”

Congress leader Supriya Shrinate said at a press conference on Monday,

“An RSS member Santanu Sinha, related to BJP leader Rahul Sinha, has said that the BJP IT cell head Amit Malviya indulged in nefarious activities. He indulged in the sexual exploitation of women. Not just in 5-star hotels but in BJP offices in West Bengal.”

Shrinate added,

“The reality is less than 24 hours after PM Modi was sworn in, serious charges of sexual exploitation have been leveled against a very prominent office bearer of the BJP, the head of its IT cell,”

On June 7, Santanu, in a Facebook post, had alleged that Malviya was engaged in nefarious activities which included sexually exploiting women.

Santanu is the brother of Rahul Sinha, a member of the BJP unit of West Bengal.

However, Sangh Santanu Sinha has issued a clarification about his Facebook post titled, ‘Caution against honey trap’.

Santanu alleged that Congress was spreading a “hate campaign” against Amit Malviya and said that his claim of Sexual exploitation was not aimed at Amit Malviya and he was only cautioning the leader from falling victim to a honey trap.

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