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BJP Youth Wing President Tejasvi Surya Nominated His Second-In-Command, Abhinav Prakash For A Debate With Rahul Gandhi

Debates between politicians are common in the western democracies. However this has never happened in India.

Things are going to change and the nation is going to see its first political debate in this Lok Sabha election soon.

Congress Leader and a scion of the Nehru family, Rahul Gandhi had asked for a discourse with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Now BJP youth wing President Tejasvi Surya has nominated his second-in-command, Abhinav Prakash, for the challenge.

Will the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi accept or reject the offer? But who is Abhinav Prakash, BJP youth leader, picked for a possible election debate against Rahul Gandhi? Let us find out.

BJP youth wing’s second in command Abhinav Prakash will be locking horns with Congress’ Rahul Gandhi in a potential debate.

It is going to be a first in the Indian political arena.

The idea was first mooted by Rahul Gandhi in which he challenged the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to have an open public debate with him or Congress Party President Mallikarjun Kharge.

Although Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not responded to Rahul Gandhi but Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha president (BJYM) Tejasvi Surya has picked the youth wing’s vice president Abhinav Prakash for a possible discussion.

Surya had also questioned the credibility of Rahul Gandhi to challenge the Indian Prime Minister since he is not even the PM face of the India alliance. However now the challenge has been accepted and Surya has designated his second-in-command Prakash to face Rahul Gandhi in the debate.

In a statement Surya said, “Enriching debate between a political scion (Rahul Gandhi) and a common youngster who has come up the hard way”.

Abhinav Prakash, the BJP yuva morcha vice president is a resident of Uttar Pradesh’s Raebarelli and in a letter which Surya had sent to Rahul Gandhi and later shared with the media read,

 “He is not only a distinguished leader of our youth wing but also an articulate spokesman for the policies and reforms implemented by the government,”

Abhinav Prakash,30, the BJP yuva morcha vice president hails from a Dalit community of Pasi and constitutes 30% of SC population of Rae Bareli where Rahul Gandhi is contesting in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

Abhinav Prakash graduated from Jawaharlal University and worked as an assistant professor of economics at Delhi University’s Ramjas College. He also had teaching stints in different institutions including Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), one of the country’s most prestigious commerce colleges.

Expressing gratitude towards Surya, Abhinav Prakash took to X saying he looks forward to Gandhi accepting the debate.

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