‘Black Cat and Golden Retriever’ Relationship Trending TikTok Phrase Meaning

Black Cat and Golden Retriever relationship might look like something straight out of a movie, full of hearts and flowers, but sometimes it’s not. TikTok has shown its users pretty openly that relationships are supposed to have balance in order for them to work.

‘Black Cat and Golden Retriever’ Relationship Meaning

Sometimes some influencers say that it should be 50/50, while sometimes they say it’s 90/10, and the argument about the ‘perfect relationship’ is endless. Well, it’s not really a false comment to make that TikTok has led to many breakups these days because of the ‘expectations’ and ‘unrealistic’ viewpoints they feed into the minds of their viewers with their portrayal of perfect relationships.

However, now TikTok is here with another new strategy, the black cat and golden retriever energy. Apparently, golden retrievers as breeds are very sweet, open, and friendly, and all love to chase their targets or their owners.

Meanwhile, black cats have their ego and energy, and they like to stay in their lane. So according to this trend, the woman should always be the black cat, and she should have a golden retriever partner, as a relationship is supposed to sustain longer if the woman is not the one who is chasing her partner. She’d rather be chased by her partner.

TikTok is going wild over these trends and how they make things to be. People have also posted their reels and videos about their partners being either of the two and how happy they are that they’ve settled. But at the end of the day, it’s who you’re happiest with.

It’s amazing to be chased by the partner and feel wanted all the time, but it is important to note that in a relationship, both partners need an equal amount of reassurance for the relationship to sail smoothly.

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