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Blake Lively expresses embarrassment over her ‘photoshop fails’ post following Kate Middleton’s cancer news




Blake Lively is 'mortified' by her 'photoshop fails' post after Kate
Middleton's cancer news

Los Angeles, March 23 (IANS) Actress Blake Lively has issued an apology for her recent comments that seemed to target Kate Middleton. She shared a photo promoting her sparkling mixer company with a joke about the controversy surrounding Kate Middleton’s Mother’s Day photo.

Kate Middleton recently revealed she has been diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. Several public figures, including Blake Lively, have responded to this news. The 36-year-old actress posted an apologetic note on her Instagram Stories, expressing regret for her previous post.

“I made a silly post about the ‘photoshop fails’ frenzy, and oh man, that post has me mortified today. I’m sorry. Sending love and well wishes to all, always,” Blake Lively wrote. She did not directly mention Kate in her apology but acknowledged the need to address the situation.


In her original post, Blake Lively shared a photo with exaggerated Photoshop edits, such as a large lemon falling from the sky above her. The actress’s apology comes amidst a wave of support for Kate Middleton and her battle with cancer, with the royal family and public figures offering words of encouragement.

The incident serves as a reminder of the impact of words and the importance of sensitivity in public statements. It highlights the need for accountability and empathy, especially when discussing sensitive topics such as health and personal struggles. Blake Lively’s apology reflects a recognition of the need to be mindful of others’ experiences and emotions.


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