#Blockout2024: Why are A-Grade Celebrities Being Blocked And Reported On Social Media?

The Blockout 2024 is an online movement which was started by netizens all over the world to boycott a number of A grade celebrities and influencers who have maintained a diplomatic silence or are tacitly supporting the Israeli actions in Gaza strip against the Palestinians. The movement is calling for blocking or muting the social media accounts of these celebrities, thereby affecting the earnings from digital advertisements and overall post engagement.

The genesis of this movement can be traced to a TikTok account called ‘blockout2024’ whose user outlined how this digital account will punish those who have kept mum about the human tragedy which is unfolding in Gaza.

They said, “When you have millions of followers that look at your content every single day, you have an opportunity to make a very important change in our world. And to actively not do that…and selfishly promote your own products is kind of shallow. We have full control over the incomes of news outlets, celebrities, and artists. They make money off our hate; they make money off our praise. They do not make money when we block them and forget their names.”

Prominent celebrities who are rumored to have been blocked include Nicole Kidman, Taylor Swift, Zendaya, Kim Kardashian, Justin and Hailey Bieber, Harry Styles, Virat Kohli, Ariana Grande, Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas, Beyonce, and Robert Downey Jr.

Why Met Gala Got Involved?

The Met Gala Event further inflamed the netizens who pointed out how celebrities strutted and were fawned upon were yet to take a stand about the ongoing war. The seizing of the Rafah crossing which led to famine-like situation for millions of Palestinians who were residing in the city coincided with the Met Gala event further inflamed emotions.

One more incident which was like rubbing salt to the wounds was a video now deleted  by TikTok influencer Haley Kalil’s in which she is lip-syncing the words ‘let them eat cake’ outside the Met Gala. These toxic words are attributed to Marie Antoinette, the queen of France during the French Revolution underling that the elite are ignorant about the lives of the common citizens. Even after the video was deleted by Kalil and later she issued an apology saying that she wasn’t informed or educated enough about the subject did not cool the tempers.

How Blocking A Celebrity Is A Good Way Of Digital Protest? 

One can wonder how blocking a celebrity with millions of followers affects their earnings and unfollowing is also an option. Netizens argue that unfollowing is not good enough. The reason is Social media’s algorithm-based formula will inadvertently show you their content on your explore pages. However blocking and reporting the pages will trigger the social media algorithm to de-prioritize the content and curbs its reach. This will really hurt the celebrity or influencer’s earnings from social media.

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