Blood Moon May 2022 Astrology: Here’s How This Lunar Eclipse Will Effect Your Upcoming Life

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Blood Moon May 2022 Astrology: According to astrology, the first lunar eclipse of 2022 is going to take place on 16 May. Though it will not be visible in India, this total lunar eclipse will be visible in the sky from 07:02 am to 12:20 pm. Indian Standard Time (IST). The natives of South America, eastern North America, parts of Antarctica, western and southern Africa, western Europe, and the eastern Pacific region will eyewitness this astronomical phenomenon.

Since it will not be visible in India, its Sutak period will not be valid, but being the longest lunar eclipse of the year, it will have a great impact both positively and negatively on the natives of all 12 zodiac signs. Read on to know how this lunar eclipse (Blood Moon, May 2022) will affect your upcoming life.


Natives of Aries may have to suffer Financial Problems. There’s need to take special care of your health in this period.


There can be confusion with natives of this zodiac, but still they will face every difficulty smoothly. Avoid negative thinking.


Natives of Gemini will have to control their anger. Take special precautions while traveling and driving. The fruit of the hard work you have done in the past can be received. Some good news related to money can also be heard.


In this period, unexpected expenses can led you to financial instability. Child’s health can also worry you.

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There can be ups and downs in married life. There may be some stress due to work or you may have to go on a trip even if you do not want to. Don’t get into trouble with anyone.


There may be a conflict with your elders in the family. Unknown fears may haunt you. A strange disquiet will remain in the mind. During this period, you have to be careful of your rivals, otherwise you may have to suffer big failures.


Don’t make any deals without thinking. Relations with elders in the family may be affected. It would be better to speak thoughtfully. You also need to be careful in the matter of money.


Lunar eclipse is happening in your Zodiac, that’s why the natives of scorpio need to be most careful. Any incident or misfortune can happen with the natives of this zodiac, there can be a big loss of money.


You have to pay special attention in every field of your life in this period. Mental stress can make you sick. Whatever you do, do it with utmost care. Stay away from evil movements, otherwise you can get stuck in court matters.


Don’t be hasty in any work. Be careful in the transaction of money and do not get into the talk of any anonymous person. Natives of this zodiac will have to take special care during the lunar eclipse.


With little hard work, new sources of income can be created in this time. You have to be patient at this time. Gradually your problems will go away automatically.

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Do not let the ego dominate you, then this time will be fine. You can make money with the help of other people.

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