Blue Planet acquires Vac-Tech Engineering to enhance capabilities in hazardous waste management

Blue Planet, a sustainable waste management solutions provider, has acquired Vac-Tech Engineering for an undisclosed sum on Wednesday. The acquisition aims to strengthen Blue Planet’s technology in hazardous waste management and transportation, towards the goal of providing technology-driven solutions for waste management and upcycling.

According to Blue Planet Founder and Chairman Madhujeet Chimni, the partnership with Vac-Tech is crucial for advancing the company’s circular economy objectives. Vac-Tech’s expertise in handling hazardous waste aligns with Blue Planet’s zero waste goal, reducing waste sent to landfills.

Vac-Tech’s ‘Squiz-tech’ dewatering systems and centrifuge treatment systems are said to be revolutionizing hazardous waste management, providing efficient and sustainable solutions to environmental challenges. CEO Mark Lee stated, “Our commitment lies in providing the best hazardous waste management solutions to achieve objectives while upholding stringent safety and environmental standards.”

The hazardous waste transportation services offered by Vac-Tech, including vacuum truck services and pump rental services, further enhance its capabilities in managing and handling hazardous materials safely and responsibly. The partnership between Blue Planet and Vac-Tech reinforces their shared vision of sustainable waste management and environmental protection.


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